May 18th, 2010

Shut the ##%$% up, Aaron!
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For those of us old farts who were around for Mt. St. Helens' big giant fart 30 years ago - where were you, and how were you affected by it?

I remember hearing about it when I was at my grandfather's house in Pittsburgh, and at that time had an obsession with the Pacific Northwest. I thought the volcano was going to destroy Portland....
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Aurora - streak

Word Help!

Spell check and google are failing me here. Perhaps someone can help me find the correct spelling of a word here...

It's similar to aesthetic, but means a person who gave up all of their wordly goods to wander the forest in search of enlightenment. I can't seem to find the correct spelling for the life of me and it's driving me mad! I need it for a paper I'm writing!

Aurora - streak

Best Place to Get Plastic Storage Bins?

I'd like to know if anyone has any recommendations on the cheapest place to get a bunch of medium to large rubbermaid-type storage boxes (with lids). I need to put a bunch of stuff in storage & need something sturdy for heavy pots & pans, old photographs, paperwork, camping gear, etc.

I had a bunch of stuff that was damaged in my basement recently when it leaked. So, as much as I hate buying new plastic, I am looking for something that will protect my belongings.

I know that Fred Meyer has them. But I'm wondering if there might be someplace cheaper to aquire a few. When I looked on Craigslist in the past there weren't any for sale. Any other ideas?

For the record I'm opposed to the hard plastic, sterlite brand. I had one containing old journals that cracked & fell apart after a few years. I know plastic tends to degrade over time. Some appear to break down faster than others. I'd like something that will last longer & can be reused later. If you have particular knowledge about which types of plastic are more durable or which brands are longer-lasting (Rubbermaid perhaps?) please let me know! =)

Thanks DP!

touring a winery!

i have some friends in town who would love to tour an oregon winery. i know nothing about wine, but i heard that it's not "wine season" quite yet. is this true? are there some wineries nearby that are open & offer (wine-tasting) tours? tell me about 'em. (full disclosure: these friends are my s.o.'s parents, so i'd like to impress them if possible.)

thanks, DPers!

Brown car seeks dude/lady

Yet another Rabbit for sale!  This one is from 1982 and it belongs to my ladyfriend currently.  But it could be yours for a pretty penny.  It's got a 2003 engine in it and I'm told it's a blast to drive with ridiculously high mpg.  It's certainly a blast for riding around in.  I'm putting this up here as extra incentive for her to commit to selling it and not ship it overseas because she's so danged attached to it.  She gets lots of attention in this car and I've witnessed several car pervs approaching her about getting their meathooks on it.  Well, now's your chance, car-pervs!

More deets in the ad: ('82 VW Rabbit Pickup w/ '03 new diesel engine)

ETA: I just asked her and she said she'd knock off $500 for DPers.