May 17th, 2010

In the market for a bus?

Hi  Portland..

I'm here to try and market my bus.

1987 Ford Econoline. Tri-Met shuttle. (No lift)
Converted to Propane by Tri-Met in '87

Has a full bed and a twin sized bunk/storage, cabinetry and seating.
Has some minor physical flaws.

The propane system needs some love.
We just replaced the tires with used ones and added a towing bumper.

Collapse )

It's sad to see it go. It has tons of potential, but I know there's someone out there that wants to put time in to it.

Spread the word. This is Portland.. we all know at least one person in to buses.


Geeks do it better

Night deposit boxes...

So, dear DP, I was tasked by my mom to drop off a payment at a bank on my way home from visiting her... and having never been to this bank before, I hadn't the slightest clue where this box of the night deposit was hidden (and OH it was hidden!)... so I come to ask you, fair DP, do banks usually post where those things are if they aren't easy to find or is it one of those if you need to use it, you're in the know and don't have a problem? I just felt entirely awkward walking around this bank with an envelope trying to find the blasted thing only to leave, call my mom, get a bit of a better idea where it was, drive back and discover the damn box was literally in the BACK of the bank where I had to hop out and put it in.

Also, any recommendations on a good credit union? I just ditched Chase and don't think joining the myriad of big banks would be much better.

weds night cello show at the waypost

Hello DP cello lovers-

San Francisco's Unwoman will be playing at the Waypost on N. Williams this Wednesday at 4pm on her way to her CD release show in Seattle.  She's toured with Rasputina and Voltaire, and Amanda Palmer thinks she's the shit.  She is, and she also happens to be my cousin.  Come on down if you can (3120 N. Williams) and she will slay you. 

ETA: there is no cover.
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FREE Amtrak Companion Fare

Who wants it?!

I have a coupon for a free companion fare on Amtrak's Cascade train. There are a few catches:

-Only on Cascades train (basically anywhere between Eugene and Vancouver, BC)
-Expires on Friday, May 21st (must travel by this day)
-You must pick it up (Can have it available in NE Pdx or Vancouver, Wa)

Anybody interested? It would be great for a quick trip up to Seattle or down to Eugene or a quick trip up to BC or...

First come, first served. Only one available.
Aurora - streak

Craigslist - Google Map Tool (?)

My laptop died a few months ago and so I no longer have my trusty set of bookmarks. Maybe someone can help me out here... I seem to recall a third party tool that merged Craislist with Google Maps functionality so you can see where all of the listings are on a map. Does anyone know where to find that web-site?
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Hey SIngles! Wednesday is Game Night.

It's that time! PDX Singles Game Night

blah blah blah

GameNightPDX is a singles mingler type of group. We meet on the first and third Wednesday each month from 7 to 10pm + for mingling over great beer and board games. OK, it really tends to be more about card games, but it is great nonetheless.

928 SE 9th Ave
(just off belmont)


Cheap paint jobs?

Hey there,

My car hood's looking pretty tore up, with several 1 mm-1 cm little bare metal/rust spots on it.  The rest of the car looks OK; I thought I could just tackle them with some sand paper, primer, and reasonably-matched Brand-X paint and get an OK result, but there are so many little pocks that a power sander looks like the best option.  As I'm unwilling to fuck with power sanders, I think it's time to go pro.  Or semi, because funds are slightly on the lacking side these days (blah blah blah).

I know there are folks out there who have auto-detailing as a least, that is what glorious teevee would have me believe.  Is there someone who could do my hood for me on the reasonable cheap?  Basically, I just want to keep my car from rusting out and get the color to within a 90% match, and that's good with me.  I'm lending it to a friend while I'm off the mainland for a year and I want to come back to a car that isn't rusted out.

The shops are quoting me some pretty high figures, but this looks like an easy enough job to someone who knows what they're doing, although, god knows, I've certainly been floating-face-down wrong before.  Anyone have a recommendation or know a guy who knows a guy?
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family camping this weekend

 I've been reading all the many damnposts about camping 'round these parts, but most seem oriented to summer trips.

I would love ideas on where to go this weekend. Here are the details:

We will drive anywhere up to 3 hours away, but would prefer less. Campground must be dog-friendly and kid-friendly. We'd like to be near a river or creek--doesn't need to be huge, but definitely running freshwater. We will want a small campfire. 

And, is there any direction where the weather might be better? How far east would we have to go to get to the dry areas? I don't mind the cold, but it'd be nice not to shiver to death in our tent, either. 

On a related note: will Mt. St. Helen's be crazy busy with 30th anniversary traffic? Because we might head up that way too. 


Buy my Rabbit!

My partner and I are selling our 2007 VW Rabbit. It is a very good car, fun to drive, less than 40,000 miles, reliable, and did I mention FUN?? It has a "tiptronic" transmission, meaning that you can shift the gear lever over to the right and shift it up and down like a manual, except without the clutch. It also gets killer gas mileage. It's a "SULEV" (Super Ultra Low-Emission Vehicle). Craigslist ad is asking $11,500, but we'll give a DP discount to $10,500. Just say "I'm a damned Portlander!" when you send your e-mail.

Answers to your questions:

1) Yes, the emblem on the front was poked out by an asshat who backed into the car at an intersection. It's $600 to fix at a body shop (we'll show you the estimate), or you can get the parts for $150 and do it yourself (seriously easy to do - just a matter of a couple of screws and a clippy thing). Believe me, what we're asking for this car is so far below Blue Book that you're getting a hell of a deal despite the damage.

2) The price is pretty firm, but we might be willing to go down a leetle bit more. Just ask.

3) Well, I'm not sure what question #3 is. E-mail me and ask it!

ethanthej at gmail dot com.

Peace out. Seriously - this car frakkin' rocks. I hate to sell it, but, well, money, and all that...