May 16th, 2010


Vroom Vroom

 I am madly in love with my car, but since I'm moving within four blocks of where I work, I can't really justify the expense any more. Not to mention that as a new graduate, I can use a buffer. Just a heads up, in case any DPer is looking for a great little city car. If not, carry on. Enjoy this gorgeous weekend! . More info under cut.

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Archery range?

Is there really no other archery range except for Broken Arrow Archery in Milwaukie, in the Portland area?

This may just be a pipe dream, but I have this idea of putting together an archery league wherein everyone uses old-fashioned composite bows and dresses up in Medieval/Renaissance-influenced garb...

Men's pants?

A friend of mine recently went to Nordy's to get fitted for some slacks and then came back, disappointed, because they don't carry anything in a 52 inch waist. He is apparently in dire need of pants and wants to get some buy this week, but doesn't want to travel to Clackamas where he claims "all the big 'n tall stores are." I told him I would ask the oracle, as surely there are other robust men in Stumptown who buy pants and don't order them online or schlep themselves out to Clackamas.

Where can my friend find men's slacks in larger waist sizes in Portland?

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I am pregnant and due on Halloween, I was curious if anyone knows of a place to get those handmade knitted diaper covers and or cloth diapers that are different or better than the ones at local retail chains? Or maybe someone local that makes them? It is quite a few months off but thought I would ask so I can stock up this summer, thanks!
pick yr poison

the summertime shuffle

I'm looking to move out of my place sometime in the next couple months. I'm down to either move into an already-established household, or find people who want to look for a house together. $500/mo is the maximum amount I can spend, including utilities. I want to stay in my current neighborhood, off Alberta, but I'd be open to the Sunnyside neighborhood if it was the right house.

I'm 22, I make art and like to write. I'm female-bodied and queer-identified. I go to PSU. I like to smoke blunts and drink beer, but I'm not really a party kid. I come with a tiny tortoiseshell kitty. As a roommate, I'm clean and not passive-aggressive. I want to live in a house with roommates who are friends, who sometimes eat together and maybe make collaborative art. Are we in the same boat?


One of those photo radar vans was taking photos literally 3 houses from mine, around a blind turn, in a school zone, and I was really shocked when it flashed to take my picture because I barely had time to accelerate and didn't think i was speeding. though my speedometer has been broken for about 2 months now but I really felt like I was going maaaaybe 25. anyway I got a ticket mailed to me that says I was going 33 in a school zone (20). I was still sleepy on my way to the store for caffeine and I never speed in the mornings.

Anyway, anyone have any experience fighting one of these tickets? I am so broke and really cannot afford this shit right now ($190.00)..

anyone know if will they let me pay it in payments? thanks.

feel free to snark all you want, if you need to get some of that out of your system i dont mind.


Come on, Portland! Why aren't there more w00tstock 2.1 videos on youtube!? You'd think with a sold out show more people would have recorded it! I want to relive it, man!

I sadly, am without a video recording device, or I would have recorded the whole damn thing.