May 15th, 2010

No  mouth


Why is it so hard to find a decent bowl of soup in this town?

Where do you all go when you are in the mood for a good bowl of hot soup, but don't especially want to sit in a restaurant.

I was glad to see that the Snow White Crepe booth now has tomato soup. More of the food carts downtown should have soup that is not Pho or Hunter's Stew.

EDIT: Mmm! Thanks for all the suggestions. They all sound delicious! I guess I was just looking in the wrong places.


Has anybody here adopted a baby? My partner and I are looking into adoption and just getting familiar with the process. Are there adoption agencies that you would recommend or not recommend? Any resources you found helpful when learning about the process? We really want to be parents and adoption appeals to us for a number of reasons. Any info/advice/tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!