May 14th, 2010

Might I spend too much time online?

I had a dream that I was reading this community.
Someone had posted a post that seemed to be a post about some fairly innocent website, but they had replaced all the links to that website with links to a porno site.
And then there was a follow-up post where they got banned.
It was fairly linear for a dream. Fairly realistic. Maybe a sign I spend too much time online.
Aurora - streak

Does Anyone Recycle those Clear, Plastic Take-Out Containers?

I was under the impression from my former roommate that there was a place here in town that recycles these and supposedly any and all plastics. But, a google search turned up a place that, as best as I can tell matches her description on where it is and what it's called and they seem to only recycle the same things that curbside does.

Any word on where I can take these things?
Firefly - Kaylee

Bartending Job

I know a place that is looking for a part-time bartender.

The job is working in a beer garden. The hours are Thursday, Friday, Saturday 3pm-10pm (depending on weather). Smoking is allowed, so if that bothers you, this wouldn't be a good fit.

What else? Casual dress code - shorts and a tank top are acceptable.

Location is near the Clackamas Town Center & it is on a bus line.

Email questions or resume info to


Does anyone have fancy thermometers I could borrow for tomorrow afternoon? I need to measure surface temperature of concrete and air temperature of the air nearby for a series of points for a class study. Plans for borrowing a thermal camera fell through. I'm especially looking for a infrared pointy thermometer.

I will gladly trade free haircuts, food, money etc. for such a favor.
BennetFox by VermillionFox

The RSS Feeder

Hey gang, how do I RSS dp_snark? When I try to add it to my RSS client, it won't connect through it because of that page that comes up and says that the community is adult only and you have to click OK to get past it.

I use Liferea for Linux.
breezy moredena

Microchip/Rabies Clinic!

Hi everybody... just a heads up! Multnomah County Animal Services (the shelter out in Troutdale is doing the first of many rabies and microchip clinics on 5/22/10. We will be doing them from 11am-430pm on every 4th Sunday of the month until September.

Rabies shots are $10
Microchips are $20

Dogs on a leash, Cats in carriers, otherwise come on out!