May 12th, 2010

digital recorders

Does anyone have a recommendation for a digital voice recorder? Or have one to sell? Or another idea to record a meeting I can't attend?

-it must be able to record a 2 hour meeting, preferably without passing a microphone around.
-I cannot be there, even via the phone.
-I would prefer it to be digital (so I don't have to go pick up a tape every week), but I am open to non-digital options.

-I want to spend around $20.

The Queen of Knives


I know someone here abouts posted about the awesome Vagabond Opera before it was even out so I am hoping they or some other knowledgeable soul could tell me when, about, I might expect it to end if it started at 8.

Poked around their website but did not find a running time (ish)


P.S. This looks awesome and I am soso excited to be going!


Ok I know there has been a few posts on this the last few days but I am looking for an inexpensive bicycle, (sub $200s).
so first off I am a tall guy 6'4" and no nothing about bikes, I had a bike when I was around ten, it was fun.
I am looking for something used maybe, but found some online that are in my price range, but do not know if they will fit my bigger frame. Tired looking on CL but it was not helpful, seemed to be people who know a LOT more about bikes and people selling there bmx/Mountain bikes.

I am not looking for a bmx/Mountain bike.
I would like to commute to and form work, going form NE 21st to NW11th.

So Portland, what should I be looking for in a bike? Where are some places downtown or in NE that I Could find one in my price range?

lastly, any one have an old bike there trying to get rid of?


SE Mural Question

Hi DP-

On the corner of 20th and Belmont in SE, on the 20th street side of a building that sits across from Col. Summers park,  is a mural that has been fascinating me.

It depicts a woman riding across a lake on a deer which has a lantern hanging from its antlers.

What I want to know is:
Is this a famous mythological scene I am unaware of?  Is this a recreation of some historical painting or engraving?  Is it Diana the Huntress?

In short, what is the story with this mural?  I have not been able to find anything on Google about it.
HBIC, river song

MMR vaccine?

Apparently, as a child of the 80s, I never got the full MMR vaccine (according to Legacy, I am not immune to Rubella). This normally wouldn't be an issue but it's the last step I need to complete before starting my work as a hospice volunteer.

I have no insurance at the moment and the county charges about $86 for the full vaccine. I've put this off as I thought I would be getting benefits out of my no longer existent job.

Anyone know of a clinic that may do the vaccine for cheaper?

You can all go ahead and wank about vaccines killing Hitler or whatever is the new theory, I'm only looking to start my do-goodery.

little blue dog


Hello. I have several cans of all kinds of different colors of interior wall paint ... mostly neutrals, some accents in oranges, browns, blues, greens, yellows. There's no more than a gallon of each color ... in other words, unless you can stretch it, no more than a few walls' worth of any color.

Anyhoo, I have to get rid of it. You want any/all, it's yours. Only catch: you have to come by the house tonight EDIT: some time before Saturday while I'm there to get it. North Portland, right next to PCC Cascade.

Email me for the address: littlebluedog@yahoo
Rain (Boomer)

Saturday Market Vendors?

Is there a map or list anywhere of Saturday Market vendors? The website is useless in terms of navigation, and asking google to search only didn't give me anything. But it seems odd that there's a list of food vendors but not art or clothing. This is the closest I found, and it's not loading properly.

Specifically, I'm looking for a vendor of cloth menstrual pads. I could just go to New Seasons or etsy, but I wanted to buy from a little local person, and not online. (I could always order from a local PDX etsy member. Got any names?)

Hippie woo-woo stuff on sale at the Whole Foods

I'm not sure how many people would be interested in this...I'm guessing 5-25%, but here we go.  Whole Paycheck (see what I did there?) has a huuuuge sale on their finest hippie woo-woo lady-related vitamins and herbs, most notably Tory Hudson's Vitanica series.  We're talking three, four, five bucks off the finest hippie woo-woo shit can be put in pill form.

In fact, it looked like all of their pregnancy and lady-biology-related supplements were on sale, so if this is your thing but you normally avoid Whole Foods for the high prices, you might check it out.