May 11th, 2010


Songs With Interludes --- Suggestions Please

Hey Portlanders!

This week on the Daily Music Fix, I'm featuring songs with interludes --- parts of the song where the recording seems to step away from the music and has something of an aside, often for dramatic effect, before eventually returning to the music itself.

Today, I featured Stevie Wonder's Living for the City, which has a minute in the midst of the song where the sounds of a bus depot and dialog come to the front of the mix, and the music falls to the background.  Tomorrow, I'm going to feature Bjork's There's More to Life Than This, where she steps into what sounds like a bathroom to deliver a portion of her vocals away from the music, before rejoining them later.

I'm looking for more songs of this nature --- songs with odd scenes, arguments, background noise, or anything which takes you away from the music for a moment to deliver some other content.  I was hoping the audiophiles of DP might have some suggestions.
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g-d whales

Hey fools,
I want to go orca spotting with my Seattle friends up off the San Juan Islands near Anacortes on Sunday. When I google whale-watching tours, I become COMPLETELY overwhelmed. I want a smaller boat experience (but not kayak, one of the people going just had surgery), hopefully. Any of you done this and can recommend a company?
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Audio Documentary on Mental Health

I am creating an audio documentary on mental health, and I am looking for people to interview. My focus in the interview will be your story, and the feelings you went through when you realized that either you or someone close to you had a mental health issue. Only first names will be used.

I am particularly interested in people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder, but any other mental health diagnoses would be great.

If you're interested, please shoot me a message via LJ's messaging mechanism. Thanks in advance!
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vaya con dios, brah

Hi there. I'm looking to go skydiving for the first time, just wondering if anyone has had any good (or bad!) experiences with any of the companies around here. So far I have: Skydive Portland, Skydive Oregon (Mollala), and SkydivING Oregon...leaning towards the 2nd one just because their site looks the nicest and they actually have prices posted. Not looking for the cheapest deal necessarily, just want to have a good time and not break both my legs or die. Thanks!
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Buy our stuff!

The boyfriend and I moved in together 7 months ago and got a gift card to IKEA for new furnitures. We just now got around to using it, and we want to sell the stuff we currently have to make room for the new stuff!

Thomas O'Brien TV consonle $90:

Thomas O'Brien coffee table $60:

IKEA Bookshelf $30:

It's really great stuff, and I've had the tv console/coffee table for about 4 years but in my current apartment they take too much space/don't have enough storage. Fill your kink for mid century modern style furniture right here!