May 10th, 2010

Damn Pub Trivia

 Hey DP-

So, I've recently taken over trivia hosting duties at the Cheerful Tortoise down by PSU.  It's Tuesday nights from 9pm-11:30pm.  It's free and prizes are given for the most creative/funny/ribald insults given in a Sean Connery brogue, among other things.  I'd love to see some DP faces down there.  

Also, I thought this might serve as an opportunity to promote some DP endeavors, so if you want to donate a prize/gift certificate/tchotchke from your business/place of employ, etc., I'd be more than happy to talk about it.  We've had RideOn Portland and Let's Brew sponsor recently with some t-shirts and certificates.

By the by, here's a preview of tomorrow's category themes:

Piece of Cake
Suck It, Trebek!
Things They Don't Teach You at PSU
That's What She Said
The "Tolkien" Sports Question
Random Fandom
Sweatin' to the Oldies
Me and Jenner
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So after bit of convincing, I think I've finally talked my hubby around to the idea of getting a puppy.

Only thing is... I haven't had a puppy since I was 13, and when my family got THAT dog (who is still alive, damnfeisty terrier that she is!) my mom did all the legwork and we ended up buying her from a breeder up in Vancouver BC.

I'm not really up for doing something that nutso.

I'm looking for resources on how to pick the perfect pup, mostly. I've got a few vague guidelines: medium-ish at full growth, MUST get along well with cats, NOT a terrier(or even terrier mix) or pug, MUST be a breed that is known to be good with children (since the kids will be coming AFTER the puppy, at this point), not a breed particularly known for their yapping/barking (so that probably rules out most hunting/hound types, ya?) and something that doesn't shed TOO much, as we've already got a medium-haired shedmachine, err, I mean cat.

I'm just not sure where to go from here. We specifically want a puppy for several reasons (mostly because personality traits can be shaped with a puppy easier than with a full-grown dog, and I know puppies acclimate to having cats around easier than adults), but I'm NOT picky about it being a pedigreed/pureblooded anything, so long as it's a decent mix. I'll be going to the shelters in a few weeks once we get our 2nd bedroom fixed up as a haven for the cats to take refuge from the puppy in, simply because I don't want to risk falling in love with the perfect pup when we're not ready to bring one home just yet.

Any websites/local organizations would be GREATLY appreciated. Oh, and we live in Wilsonville (Clackamas County) so I'd like to avoid going out too far, though I might just do that for the perfect pooch.


ETA: My parents also have a Black Lab/German Shorthair mix that they got about 7 (good lord it's been that long?!) years ago when I moved out of the house to compensate for my mom's sudden and severe empty nest syndrome caused by her only child moving out and to an entirely different city for college.
I love that ruffian to bits but she's a little high-key for my hubby's personality so right now I'm leaning away from labs. Though if we end up deciding a lab would be best for us, we have family out-of-state who breed chocolate labs so at least we'd end up with a purebred! ^-^
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Yo DamnGraphicPeeps!

A while ago, I bought a groovy little Wacom 4x5 Graphire4 tablet. I dinked around with it a bunch, thought it was cool, and then LOST THE PEN.


I'm looking around on the internets for compatible Graphire4 pens, and they cost stupid amounts of money, like 25 bucks or something similarly extreme!

I know nothing of the workings of graphics tablets. I'd buy a pen, but then someone would let me know that I could have used an 89-cent knitting needle or a stick or something, and then I'd feel dumb.

So... advice? Storehouses of low-cost refurbished pens? Wise counsel? Lay it on me!
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Passive Aggression...

Got into a row with a neighbor tonight.  She decided to come to the door and hurl false accusations at me, and when she wouldn't take the hint that we were in the process of putting the baby down for the night (hint: that means, "Please leave."), I finally said, "Look, you need to leave now."

She's taken battle to email, admitting she was wrong but griping heavily about how rude I was.  My only response was to tell her that I was sorry her feelings were hurt, but that the subtler message hadn't gotten through.  There've been a stream of angry emails since then, and it's taken all my self control, but I haven't responded.

So in order to vent a little, I'm bringing this to you, o wise and wooly DPers.  Would you:
(A) Respond to each point objectively.
(B) Respond to each point with as much snark as possible.
(C) Ignore the whole thing and assume it'll blow over.
(D) Talk to the neighbor in person and hope that she'll be more rational the next time.
(E) Something else?

Extra Benno points for funny responses.
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job hunting for the carless

Hey DP. I am about to graduate college and am desperately looking for a job. I'm not really sure how the average person manages to avoid homelessness when they stop getting student loan money. I've got lots and lots of experience with youth, some experience with nonprofits, but I am running into this problem where every single job I would like to apply for says applicants need to have a valid driver's license and car. I have neither, but am looking into getting the former, which is a little scary because I've never even sat in a driver's seat and think I'll probably run into trees. But I can't get a car when I don't have a job! I get that some jobs really do require cars, but my question is this: If I can't figure out what the car would be used for, job-wise, should I just apply anyway? Or does that just make me look like an idiot who can't read job requirements?

(Also, give me a job, thanks.)