May 9th, 2010

scratchy hopes

dogs & taxis

Does anyone know if cab companies are generally ok, or not, with letting you take your pet in their cab? My dog is around 40 pounds, so no carrier. Any personal experience or recommendations? Or alternate ideas? I have to get my dog to his sitter's house & neither of us have cars.

Einstein & I thank you for your help!
lattes make the world go 'round

i need noms

i work in the heart of the hollywood district, and am currently pulling an eleven hour shift with no chance to eat before six. so, i'm staaaaaaaaaaaarving. i'm dying to try the hollywood burger bar (which is closed sundays) but i have no knowledge of any other food joints in the area. outdoor seating is a huge plus, and i'll eat anything. any recommendations? please and thank you, and i hope y'all are out in the beautiful sunsine (though if you're reading this, there's a good chance you're not...).