May 8th, 2010


Stupid tattoo question...

Let me disclaim this as I'd never actually do this, but...

Let's assume you go see someone you're a fan of... like... I dunno. Anyone. LeBron James. Not important to this question.

And you get them to sign your body with a Sharpie somewhere.

How dangerous is it to get a tattoo on the sharpie to make it permanent? I'm merely curious about the health effects of shoving sharpie ink into your flesh.

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Shameless Pimping of the Self-Employed

Hey, DamnPortlanders! I finally have a regular venue for the drinking vinegars - I'll be at the OHSU Farmers Market and the Interstate Farmers Market this summer!! If I saw you at the Faire in the Grove, I'm sorry I haven't gotten in touch - I've been prepping for these to begin but will have bottles available Monday evening, so expect a note.

Another plug! I'm holding an open house at a listing in Beaverton tomorrow (Sunday) from 10 am to 1 pm; the address is 11620 SW Clifford (just off 217 @ Denney). It's a great house, listed at $245k. 

Storage solutions

I am leaving town for the summer, and I have a few boxes to store.

I'm looking for a local (family owned?) company, with decent (aka CHEAP) rates.

Like I said I only have a few boxes to store, so I'm looking for a company that has those little closets.

Any ideas?

Plus size clothing sale

I have an enormous amount of plus sized womens clothes sizes about 20-26. T-shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, business-casual stuff. Shoes too mainly 9, 9.5, 10 but some 12s too. I'm thinking of doing rummage style because I just don't feel like sorting through and pricing everything. Say, $1 for tee's, $2 for shirts, and $3 for pants etc. Anyone interested in this tomorrow? I know it's mother's day but spring cleaning and all that.

Let me know and I may organize things a bit and gear it up for tomorrow!


ETA: I'm in Vancouver and I am thinking I will do this next weekend. I'll keep you updated!
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w00tstock tonight!

Who's gonna be at w00tstock tonight!??

Wil Wheaton + Adam Savage + Paul & Storm!

Special guests....
Presidents of the United States of America drummer and bearded human Jason Finn
Eisner Award-winning comic book writer Matt Fraction
Internet guy and Nerd Songster Hank Green.
singer/songwriter/professional adorable person Molly Lewis
sketch comedy funny-video-making people LoadingReadyRun
Back Fence PDX co-host B. Frayn Masters
Microsoft guy and Xbox Live banhammer Stephen “Stepto” Toulouse
more to come!

I'll be there!!
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Dog tags

Wonderful DP. I come to you to help me find something.
I am looking for a red dog tag, diamond shaped. One that I can engrave on. Do you have a special store (west side area please) or online place that you can find one of these.
I have been searching for like a half hour online and can not find red diamond shaped dog tags.
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