May 7th, 2010

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bike summer 2010


are you aware that the last 2/3rds of june this year are a celebration of bike fun?

between 10jun and 27jun pedalpalooza will happen, and there will be hundreds of bike-related events. all will be fun, for some definition of fun. some will be epic long marathon speedy events. others will not go anywhere at all. all will involve bicycles in some way, and most will be rolling on the streets of metro portland (from vancouver to hillsboro to the gorge) at a speed that anyone who can pedal can enjoy. from tours of food (tacos, pizza, latenight fare) to ridiculous costume rides accompanied by mobile sound systems to historical or horticultural educational rides that don't suck, and everything else you can imagine. including of course the massive naked ride (world's largest, last year comprising nearly 1% of the entire portland population - 5000 people!)

being part of a mobile community that is all about member enjoyment is pretty awesome. there are rides suited for *every* fitness level, and appealing to many interests. most of them will feature friendly people--even if you are a complete stranger.

why did i tell you all this?

to invite *you* fine people to participate in, and organize events. into poetry reading? hold a bike-from-bar-to-slam ride. wanna see how many strip clubs you can hit in a night? drum up a posse and go in costume for bonus points. or just come out for some of the rides--there is bound to be one that you are interested in *and* which fits your schedule. even if your schedule is wack. submit your event to the calendar in the next week for maximum publicity (the mercury prints the calendar and hands it out with the paper in june, but the deadline is soon!)

if you're out on the road and see a huge group of happy people on bikes, wave and smile. bet we jingle back. join us! we're probably doing something fun.

here's the calendar:

Mothers Day Lunch/Dinner Specials?

Hi Everyone,
My grandmother and aunt are coming in to have late lunch/early dinner with me on Sunday. Last year they came around brunch time and we went to Genie's which hooked up moms with free drinks. Anyone know of something like that going on later in the day? It doesn't matter where is is or what kind of food. Alcohol is required.


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Clackamas Community College PLANT SALE is today 12-5!!!

Lots of variety and so cheap it hurts.

take 213 and then turn left at Beavercreek, it will be on the right.

Say hi to me if you want, I am the girl with her cheeks pierced.

Damn Toddlers

I have a 14 month old, and am looking for places to take him where he can interact and socialize with other little kids. He's not in daycare, so I'm trying to find an inexpensive place where we can go for a few hours once or twice a week. I did use my internet skills and found several places, but I'm wondering if anyone here has an experience or recommendations.

Edit: We live in N. Wilsonville, but I'd be willing to travel for the right place.
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I'm looking for licensed person to tear down and remove a 400 sq foot ADU in the back of a property that I'm trying to buy. I want to have this done as cheaply as possible - any recommendations?
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Spanish courses in Portland

So let's say I want to take some local Spanish courses. Maybe through PCC, maybe through a non-profit, maybe somewhere else. Not too picky. Any recommendations? Places to avoid?

I'm looking for something at the very beginner level. I have never taken Spanish lessons before, but I know enough to ask directions for the bathroom and describe the color of my cat.

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Hey guys. Looking for vet and obedience training recommendations. We just adopted the cutest dog ever from OHS this afternoon. His name is Doyle (but that will change, Doyle is just no good). He's a German Shorthaired Pointer mix.
We need to find a vet in the next week for his checkup, but have no idea where to start. Do you have a favorite vet? We're in Beaverton, but could drive nearly anywhere for a good vet. I suppose I could look through memories for this, but then I wouldn't have a post to put the pictures on.

We also want to do some obedience training. He could use a lot of work on a leash, and some basic commands. For the most part he is a super sweet, gentle dog...except for the part where he will shred a cat or squirrel. He's been returned to the pound twice for this, but we hope we can work with him to make it stop. Have any of you done doggy training? We've looked at the OHS program, but it's clear across town and the hours are right during rush hour traffic. Anything closer to the west side would be cool.

And one other thing, what are your preferences for pet food? Petco has 3 aisles packed full of every brand of pet food. We went with something "natural" with no soy, wheat, or corn, but aside from that I have no idea what's good or not. He has no dietary restrictions/issues that we know of.

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Moving downtown

I have to move my mom into housing downtown. In front of her apartment complex is angled metered parking. How do we go about moving stuff there? Do we need a special permit from the city?

Additionally, I need help moving her stuff. I've looked at the dp moving tag but I can't afford to drop $300 on a mover - most of the stuff is packed anyway. Anyone have any (cheaper) recommendations?

Missing kitty in NE

I came home from babysitting this afternoon and haven't been able to find my gray kitty since. We live around 33rd & Alberta, so if any of you in this neighborhood could keep an eye out for him, I'd really appreciate it. He's exclusively indoors so he doesn't have tags - but he does have an appointment to be microchipped next week, which is of no use now. He's not very friendly, so if you happen to see him please just let me know where. I'll be by my computer or something with which I can check my email all night. Thanks!

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Chicken seen crossing the road at Beavercreek and 213 in Oregon City.

Chicken description - Black and White bottom half of feather and more red feathers on top. Walked confidently. Seemed intelligent due to it's ability to walk right between the two lanes.

So my question is... Why did this chicken cross the road?

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Oh and also todays been a freaky day

Today at around hmm 9am? I was sleeping anyways I heard the craziest sound like a helicopter out my window. I dismissed it as a neighbors lawnmower. The second time it came around I was so scared I got out of bed to look and SURE ENOUGH I was face to face with a yellow helicopter!!!! I would think it was a dream but I ran into a neighbor at the Plant Sale at CCC who heard it too. Like seriously had the copter not been turning around and flying away I would have been face to face with the pilot and I am only on the third floor.

My boyfriend said he'd have called the police.