May 6th, 2010


Pipe organ lessons?

I have a friend who would like to take lessons in playing a pipe organ.

It would take a patient teacher. He does not know how to play the piano and is in his 90s. He's sharp for his age but he is slow compared to someone in the prime of life.

So, is this a possibility? Any suggestions?
Funny Face


Dang, are there really no magic stores in Portland? So far as I can tell, Bizarre Bazaar is the closest thing we've got. I'm desperately seeking a magic bouquet, like you might pull out of your sleeve. Where do I find something like that?

FURmintator deshedding tool for sale

I'm a professional groomer and recently bought a brand new medium yellow Furminator because I thought I lost mine. I found it today! Luckily I hadn't taken the replacement out of the package yet, so in lieu of returning it to the distributor, I figured I'd sell it at my cost ($25) since around here they cost upwards of $50. Yes, they work amazingly well. You can get it from me or I can MAX and meet you.