May 5th, 2010

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Three places in town I love, one not so much:

Moxie For Hair (SW 12th & Morrison, across from the now-defunct Three Lions Bakery)- I've been going to Tammy for years (at various salons, she's the kind that you follow wherever they go because they're that awesome), but would recommend any of the stylists at this salon. I've never seen anyone walk about of there with less than beautiful hair. You definitely get what you pay for. Warm, friendly atmosphere. Pretty hair. Happy Nicole.

Wise Counsel & Comfort - DP'ers are always looking for affordable therapy. This place is amazing. There are multiple locations throughout the city, the site has extensive profiles on each therapist, your first "appointment" is always free so you can see if your potential therapist will be a good fit, and most of them do work on a sliding scale. I'm currently paying only $28/session and really like my therapist.

Lucca (kitty corner from Perry's on Fremont) - Their menu is a teensie on the $$$ side, but amazing. Wonderful for brunch (I love their Goat Cheese Frittata and Mushroom Scramble) and their bartender made the best Lemondrop I've ever had in my life. The service was slow, but I think that was just an unfortunate combo of Sunday brunch rush + forgetful waitress. The owner actually came out and bussed our table and was generally awesome.

The new Lucky Lab (Tap Room/Overlook) on Killingsworth The seating is beyond odd, there could be five people in there and it sounds like 500, pizza is meh. Granted, I've only been there once, and it was with synthcat so the company made up for it. But I doubt I'll go back despite it being only two blocks from me. Much prefer Amnesia Brewing.
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cheap places for private events

I want to host a party for around 25-40 people and I don't want it to be at home. And I want to make people buy their own booze. Where can I do this for not a million dollars? Getting some vegan snacks (even tater tots or hummus or something, I'm not picky) catered would be a plus, as would being able to do my own music. Lots of bars are like, yes, we do private events, talk to our fancy party planner and pay $800! But I'm not planning a wedding or anything, and I don't need a party planner, I just want a private room in close vicinity to booze people can buy, preferably in inner-SE or downtown, maybe NE or NW. I think my best bet is some bar that doesn't get a lot of business and would be thrilled to have a bunch of guaranteed customers for the night? It can be the least cool bar EVER, I don't care. Anyone have any ideas?
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New Opera! New Shirts!

Hello Damn Portlanders!

As some of you might know, we, Vagabond Opera, wrote an opera, which was featured in the Willie Week today.

It is called Queen of Knives, and is "Set in the declining days of carnival culture, which coincided with the rise of the various 1960s protest movements, the opera tells the story of a brother-and-sister knife-throwing act who encounter a magical blade, femme fatale and the like in the midst of the student protests in Birmingham, Ala."

However, unlike most other opera, this opera has many things you've always wanted from opera. Such as knife throwing, fire dancing, belly dancing, a bit of vulgarity sung in soprano and tenor operatic vocals, Arab and Klezmer music, side by side, and of course, an opera in English. It is a coloaboration between Vagabond Opera and Wanderlust Circus, with Mr. Noah Mickens himself as our director.

Shows are May 7th, 8th, and 9th, and May 13th, 14th and 15th, with all shows with doors at 7pm (show at 8pm) except for May 9th, when doors are at 1pm.

All tickets are avaliable at :


Secondly, we had a t-shirt design contest! And it's close. Oooooh so close.

You can check our the designs, made by our fans, at :

And email your top three favorites, in order, to VagaBlogOpera at gmail or post them here!




Oh wise and mighty DP,

I'm struggling with my accounting class. I made the mistake of taking it online, instead of in person, and unfortunately I'm not able to make it to my instructor's office hours/lectures, nor the open tutoring sessions that the school offers.

So, my question is this- do you know of anyone who can/would be willing to sit down for an hour or two with me? SW/Beaverton/Tigard/LO is awesome, but I'm willing to traipse further for someone awesome, or hell, even just IMing is great. I just need help :/

I'm happy to pay for the services, buy lunch/brunch, whatever's reasonable, I suppose.

Thanks all.
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So I'm going to be 30 next month and I thought I might have a '80s themed party.

What food, to you, says 1980s?

EDIT--There seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding. By "food" I mean FOOD, not drinks. I really can't stand alcohol, and there'll be a fair amount of friends and relatives who're under drinking age anyway.

Need a place June 1st?

Hey guys,

I'm really liking this community. I've already gone to a few of the events posted, and they were really fun.

So here's the deal: I've got this super sweet place on SE Milwaukie Ave, but my roommate is moving out! I need a new roommate, and since you guys are so hip, I thought I'd check with you. Are you or anyone you know looking for an awesome roommate in a really cool part of town?

The rent is $375, plus electric. For more details, look at my craigslist post.

While I'm at it, I've been on craigslist for a while, and haven't been getting much results. Any suggestions on where else to advertise?

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Do you know a futon who needs a new home?

Hi DeePee!

To begin, I assure you that I am all over Craigslist (etc.!) I'm just posting this because I've had good luck doing this in the past. :)

I have recently learned that I will be having an out-of-town guest in a couple weeks and I am in desperate need of something comfortable for her to sleep on. A futon is my best bet since I have a very small house and it will need to double as seating somewhere.

Have you seen an AWESOME deal on a futon at some furniture outlet and you want to tell me about it?

Do your parents or in-laws live in suburbia (Beaverton/Hillsboro) and they mentioned they're cleaning out the guest room to install that pole that Grandma always wanted after taking that pole-dancing class?

Do you live in SW have a nice futon that has been taking up room in the ol' craft room and you'd like to get rid of it so you can buy more... stuff... but just haven't taken the time to post an ad about it?

Well, I'm your woman!

Please let me know if this is you... I'd love to chat with you!

Thanks so much!

Weezer cover cds?

So ten years ago I had some Weezer cover cds. Three of them. One was really awesome, and I remember the Vibrators covered a song. One was classical musicians doing orchestra Weezer covrers. And the third one was just okay. I bought them at a cd store, and they we legitimate cds. (They got stolen out of my car with all my other high school cds.)

Now I can't find any sign that these cds ever existed! Does anyone know where I might be able to find them? Or does anyone actually have them?


Does anyone here like South Park?
I have Seasons 1, 3 and 5 for sale as well as Bigger-Longer-Uncut movie (say $10 each?) if anyone is interested. PM me and let me know.

They are all in nice shape, disks are in great shape, covers are all in tact and do not have any rips or stains.
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