May 4th, 2010

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Is there such a thing as a shame-filled plug?

I'm moving here from Vancouver this month (hopefully), and I'd love to meet some new people. For the sake of not being redundant (also I'm lazy) here's a link to a craigslist ad I just wrote:


Yeah this is a little lame I realize, but I figure I'm already so deep in I might as well keep going and ask for recommendations for fun things to do here. By fun things I don't mean stuff anyone with a pulse enjoys, I know how to google movie theaters or coffee houses or whatever...I guess I'm under the impression that there are a bunch of secret awesome places only locals know about like underground restaurants with free steaks or warehouses with roller coasters hidden inside. I'm really interested in just about anything, from art galleries to ultimate frisbee leagues. Anyway, all input is appreciated...thanks!
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Help! Need Magic and Navigation!

DP: I'm back, and needier than ever! Paradise Park ( is opening soon and as the production manager I've been tasked with looking for props. I would like your:
telescopes (or kaleidoscopes that look like telescopes)
sextants (don't want your sex taints, I've got my own thanks)
cool maps (I already have a few Portland maps)
magician's bouquet
mic (nonfunctional ok)
mic stand
speaker/karaoke speaker (nonfunctional ok)
mardi gras beads (my rack is too small to get my own)
cheapie masks
a dart
broken wii-motes/nunchucks
white plastic outdoor chair with no arms
plastic champagne glasses

I found my cotton candy machine, so if anyone wants some come see the show!
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Somebody on here's gotta know.

Okay, so we watched the Canadian documentary movie "Stupidity" here at the house today, and we were all gobsmacked by a little snippet of what looked like an old propaganda film, that appeared to contain this line:

"... each new scientific development in the weapons of war presents a new challenge. But the people of Portland, through working together, are ready."

Am I hearing this quote right? And does anybody have any idea what film this is from? File is here:
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i needz a backpack!

Hey DeePee! Long time no see! How you been? How yo mama'nem?

Gurl ... Lemme tell ya why I stopped by today awright? I needz a backpack hokay? I needz me a smaller backpack that ain't as hyuuge as the one I gotz now. It gettin' wahm ya see and I juss don'tz wanna be carryin' 'at tank of a backpack wiff me no mo'. And plus e'erybody gotz dem a Swiss Army backpack now. Gurl you know how I be such a triendsettah nao an' ist time to start anuthah triend! Fo' reelz!

So tell me gurl, where at in dis bueatimus city called Por'land can I findz myself a new backpack? I needz lots to choose from awright and they needz to be inexpensive. Ya know what I be sayin'?

Awwright gurl, you lemme know what you fin' outz hokay? Cuz you knows I gots da TriMet an' will travel.

Tell yo mama'nem I axed how they be durin'! Bye gurl!

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Yet another "hey look at me" plug

If you have access to an issue of the Oregonian today, look for a a one-page color fundraising insert for Albertina Kerr. They used one of my photos (I donated the use) and they were kind enough to give me name credit. They also used a version of the photo on their site

If you're a curious sort and want to see the original, unmodified pic, it's at:

And if you're inspired by my artistry, and have some cash to spare, you could donate to Albertina Kerr.

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Damn Cooks,

I'm making an apple pie and totally overestimated the amount of apples needed. I compensated by snacking on slices, but I still ended up with about a pound of apples covered in apple pie filling goop that is currently sitting in my fridge.

Any recommendations on how to put those to delicious use? The answer ideally does not include me making any more pie dough, or I'd go for hand pies.