May 3rd, 2010

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Ayudame Por Favor (Please help)

As my tonsils continue to grow from walnuts to golf balls, I need some assistance. See I am a brand new ODS member and have NO idea what to do nor have I seen a medical doctor yet.

I am pretty sure I need to see a doctor/nurse ASAP since my fever is increasing, swallowing is near impossible and my breathing at times feels compromised.

Here's where you come in. What should I do? ODS doesn't open until later. As I see it I have 2 choices:

--Find an Urgent Care that accepts ODS (Do you know of one?) and sit and wait for treatment.
--Find a new general medicine doctor and try to be seen today (Any referrals?).

So DP what do you think? Any suggestions before I drown in tonsils?

UPDATE: I finally found out who to contact at ODS. They sent me to the emergency room at Emmanuel. They have a "fastrack" program there. In triage they decide if you need ER (and therefore ER bills) or to see a PA (much smaller co-pay). It worked out in my best interest since if my airway was obstructed they could "cut it open" in the adjacent ER. I went with the fastrack and was diagnosed with and I quote: "rabid strep". Thank you for your suggestions!

4T Trail: Do I need a ticket for the Tram?

So, I'd like to do the 4T Trail this afternoon, but I'm confused about whether I need to buy a tram ticket or not.

The official Tram website says, "All riders must have a round-trip Fare Ticket when riding the Tram."

But articles about actually hiking the trail say, "The trail is free, and so is the tram ride from OHSU to the waterfront."

Sooo... should I buy a ticket? Or is it free if I'm just going from the top down? I'm cheap, and don't want to pay $4.00 for a ticket I don't need.
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How I met your mother

Housing near PSU

Hi there, this is my first time posting but I've been an avid fan of DP for a long time. I don't know if this is chill or not, but here goes:

So I'm currently a student at PSU and I've lived in their housing until now but my contract is ending and I didn't want to renue it for the summer because the cost is too high.

Basically, I want to become someone's roommate.

I'll be working at the college all summer long (as well as through the year) so being close to the school would be fantastic. I don't have any pets, although I like animals. I don't mind sleeping in a living room and I'd always leave it clean enough for everyone to use.

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I've never looked for a roommate before so I don't really know where to start... any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
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house for rent

Hey DPeeps.

I've got a house for rent in NoPo. 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1200 sq. ft. vintage Portland house, yard/garden maintenance included.

Asking $1600/mo on 1-year lease. Please respond to the Craigslist ad if you're interested, and feel free to pass the link to anyone you know is looking.


cheap tent

Hello all,

We're trying to get ready for a move across the country--2 little kids, 2 adults, a totally packed full minivan--to New York. I want to camp along the way instead of spending a ton on hotels every night, so we're looking for a cheap tent that will hold us all, won't take up too much room in the car, and is maybe 3 seasons I guess, since we'll be pretty far north and it's still cold. I'm going to keep an eye on craigslist this week, but I thought it would be fun to go to a super awesome Portland camping store if there is such a place that isn't expensive. By cheap, I mean as much under a hundred dollars as possible.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Another iPod / iTunes question

I'm having a difficult time achieving the organization of my iPod library that I'd like. I am used to using the artist directory, and that is what I prefer. Artist > Album makes sense to me. I don't understand how searching my album name would make sense to anyone, maybe I just don't remember album names well enough to find it useful. The problem is when I start adding compilations to my iPod, then the artist directory gets cluttered with all the no-name artists that I only have one song of. The only way I know of to clean that up means replacing all the artist information with the compilation name. Does anyone know how to efficiently resolve this? I don't want to have to make a ton of playlists or forgo any compilations on my iPod ever, or learn how to think in terms of sorting by album.

ETA: I have tried the "Part of a compilation" option. Even though the compilations are recognized in that directory and no other songs are associated with these artists from the compilations the individual artists still show up in my artist directory.

Thanks in advance!
Nom nom nom nom

I think the answer is "No", but...

...I thought I'd ask.

With all the dire talk about the state economy, I presume there's no "kicker" refund this year.  Is that correct, or do I understand less about economics than I thought I did?

I figure if the big finance companies can come begging to the government and then give out billions in bonuses, it makes sense that Oregon could be totally broke and still give a kicker. 

BIGGER: Fat Fashion, Fat Politics, Fat Beauty, Fat Art Opens on May 7 at the Q Center

Fat Fashion Fat Politics Fat Beauty Fat Art

Bigger is the brainchild of Stefanie Snider and Bertha Pearl. It is an Art of Fashion Exhibit created to show that fat and beautiful go together, that fat and provocative go together, that clothes made bigger will entice your imagination and more.

Fashions by Bertha Pearl of Size Queen Clothing

Photographs by Jody Wheat, Kina Williams, and Michele Hunt
Modeled by Alisa Williams, Devra Polack, Glenn Marla, Heather Middleton, Leah Strock and Sarah Doherty
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