May 2nd, 2010


Wedding stuff share?

I know there are a few people on here who are planning weddings right now. Anyone have stuff they want to share/rent/sell? For instance, glassware, beverage servers (the pretty ones), galvanized tubs, shepherds crooks (for aisle decorations), cafe lights (the small spherical ones), etc! Our wedding is July 4th, and we're open to sharing with anyone a week or more before or after. I'll have 20 white tablecloths and some other stuff for sale (mostly red or aqua) after the 4th as well, and I'm going in on mason jars with a couple other people as well, so if you're interested in any of this...

Email me: blisslikethis AT gmail DOT com.


Canon Rebel XT DSLR camera with extras for sale- $350 or b/o

anyone in the Portland area looking to buy a camera? I am selling my Canon Rebel XT digital SLR camera with 18-55mm lens. The camera works perfectly, and only has a small amount of normal body wear around the grip. Included is a 2GB compact flash card, an 8GB compact flash card, the battery charger, a cord to transfer pictures, strap, lens cleaning cloth, and a camera bag. I bought everything for a little over $400 a couple months ago, but am asking for $350 or best offer. This is a great camera, here are some pictures i've taken with it:


Attn; DP Record Lovers

I decided to sell some records locally that I don't listen to anymore. I took a glance on ebay just to see roughly what their market value was and am shocked to find some of them going for $200+. I know just because someone lists it that high doesn't mean it's actually selling for that much. Can anyone recommend a site/ place other than ebay to check into value of vinyl?
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Do you make films??

PSU's 5th avenue Cinema is now taking submissions for their Visuals Film Festival! You don't have to be a student, it's open to all Portlanders who make and love film. The deadline is May 21st, no genre limit, ten minutes max, no entry fee! Prizes are 50 dollar gift cards of your choice (can't be to a place that sell alcohol because we're owned by PSU).

More info at:

The festival itself is May 28th!!

buying a bicycle

I looked through some tags, but only saw things for bike repair. I'm looking to buy a new bicycle. nothing too fancy, but nothing cheap either..something good for say street biking and easy dirt trails? Where would you go? I know I could go to any big box store, but I've always bought bikes from smaller bike stores and kinda prefer to go that same route this time around.

thanks! Oh and anywhere is OK but I live in SE so that is preferred:)

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A couple of things.

First, we got this awesome sectional on the cheap when we moved into our new place. However, the price directly reflects its outward appearance. It's clean enough, but I guess the previous owners tried to take the covers off the cushions and run it through the wash and the fabric did not do so well. So we're looking for a slipcover, and goddamn are those difficult to find as it turns out. Especially for a 2 seat + wedge + 2 seat sectional.
Does anyone have any ideas on where one would find such an item? Alternatively (and this is the direction we're kind of leaning toward), is anyone crafty and looking to make some extra money that would like to make us a cover? Basic cotton fabric you see with most covers. I have exact measurements at home, but it's about 100inches long each end, about 3 feet tall, and about 2 and a quarter feet deep. If you're interested, send me a PM with a price estimate.

Second, my boyfriend inherited a bike from his folks that had an old, torn up seat. For some reason he decided to throw out both the seat and the post and is now realizing that he upped his replacement cost quite a bit I guess. Any suggestions (beyond the obvious CL option) on places to price replacements? We're between Belmont and Hawthorne on 16th, but have car and will travel.

Thanks, and have a wonderful Sunday!
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(no subject)

So, thanks to DP, you helped me save my ipod's music. However, I'm having an issue with how the music is being viewed in iTunes, so I thought I'd ask you guys for help! (I'm sure the answer is simple.)

For some reason, when using the Album view, instead of showing one Album for each, uh, album, it's showing one album for each artist. So, I'll have eight "Into the Woods" albums, one for each "artist" singing. This makes it hard to navigate through itunes.

How do I solve this, DP???