May 1st, 2010


glass mosiac tile

Crafty types: I have a small pile of glass mosaic tile samples that are free to anyone who might like them. Most of them came from here, and the rest are very similar. The colors are all shades of green, blue, white, and grey, and there's about 100-200 pieces total. Anybody interested?

car shoes

i need two new tires, theyre starting to show belt. does anyone know of a good and cheap place for tires, or know of any deals/coupons going around, or just somewhere you went that had really good service?



If you're looking for a school program that will maximize your likelihood of getting a good job afterward, Health IT is definitely a strong choice to go into. And there are excellent local and online programs through OHSU.
endless road

Attorney Recommendation

I have some questions about a monetary judgment that was given to me, and the lien it was then attached to on a piece of property that just sold. I have contacted my previous attorney for some recommendations, but if you have worked with a reputable lawyer for matters of judgments/housing/title liens (I'm not exactly sure what catagory of attorney to look for) please comment below.

Thank you and enjoy the non-rainy weather! :-)