April 30th, 2010

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Hey Portland, you guys always seem to know where to find everything everyone is looking for...

So, here is the deal, I'm looking to get in to roller skating and potentially roller derby, where does someone find good skates in Portland for relatively cheap prices? Points for websites to preview things!

The raccoons are out to get us!

(i hope raccoons are already on the no fly list, only took one to knock out my electricity for 10 hours! oh and a " four way stop" some police officer just drove through and threw a flare or 2 in the intersections, 82nd and sandy looked less safe than normal at 3 am :))

Raccoon Causes Power Outage In NE Portland
PORTLAND, Ore. -- A raccoon caused a power outage in northeast Portland on Friday morning.

Pacific Power reported 5,700 people lost power due to the outage between Northeast Columbia Boulevard and Fremont Street. The area of the outage also stretches from 42nd Avenue to 82nd Avenue.

Intersections in the area became four-way stops during the outage.

As of 7:45 a.m., power had been restored to all but 800 customers.

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Some of you may have realized if you have ever noticed my posts that I can't write worth a damn. So today I come to you money in hand(ok in paypal or hand) to see if someone here is a good writer and could help me out.

Not even sure if this is allowed?

I have a scholarship essay due TODAY, just a "why I deserve a scholarship" type deal 500 words or less.

I have a lot of info I could include because just because I can't write worth a damn doesn't mean I am not a outstanding student with tons of extras.

I can send you a VERY VERY VERY rough draft detailing stuff about me.

So yeah anyone up for it and how much? If you want the money in person I am in Oregon City, otherwise I can paypal. Otherwise anyone have any ideas. Writing the thing myself has just made me realize how much I SUCK at asking people for money.
dont care

Everyone always asks for suggestions. Here's an unsolicited one!

I've been looking for a nearby, locally owned coffee joint since I moved way out to 73rd and Glisan. I tried a few places, but finally found my "home" coffee shop. A big huge thumbs up to Coconut Cafe at 76th and Glisan. I tried both a drip coffee and an americano today and they were awesome. But the best part of this place is the food; the owner's wife is Peruvian and hand makes everything except the bagels. Today I tried a breakfast empanada. Three kinds of cheeses, scrambled eggs and veggies inside an amazing pastry shell. The owner also staffs it and is chatty and awesome. I will definitely be coming back! Oh yeah, free wi-fi.

I don't work for them or anything, just know how hard it is weeding through all the neighborhood coffee shops to find a good one. I'll be interested to see how busy it is on the weekends.
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beer stores in mississippi area

howdy double-penetrators, i recently moved from SE to n. portland near skidmore and vancouver/williams, and i'm missing the beer mecca of belmont station, beermongers, the 39th & belmont convenience store, and the awesome beer selection of the 39th & hawthorne fred meyer. is there anywhere in the area that has anything remotely comparable? so far, the new seasons on interstate is the best i've found. granted, theirs isn't so bad, but is this my only option?