April 29th, 2010


Game 6 tickets, one or two tickets

I can't find anyone to go to Game 6 with me. Well, no one will pay to go. I either have a single seat, row 328 M for sale if you want to go with me, or you can buy both seats because I don't want to go alone. $40 for one, or $80 for the pair. Maybe the last chance to see them this season. 

Go Blazers!
Half asleep

Corsets and things

Hola, everyone. Where in town can one purchase a ready-made, steel-boned corset? I'd love to have one custom-made but can't foot the $700 price tag. A store that specializes in service would be great too, as I have zero ladyfriends who can help me with fitting and trying my wedding dress on over it. I'll drive just about anywhere.

Here's a gif for your troubles:

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Sacred Circle Dance - Ecstatic Dance on Sunday Mornings

Come check out this Sunday morning ecstatic dance thing we've been creating every Sunday for the last six years.
There's something like 150 people dancing their booty off, barefoot, on a gleaming antique dance floor.
Your dance church... waiting for you.

When: Sunday, May 2, 10:30am - 12:30pm
Where: Tiffany Center, 2nd Fl., 1410 SW Morrison, Portland, OR
Cost: $8 - $10 (sliding scale)

Info: info@sacredcircledance.com


Oil :( May something like this never happen off the Oregon Coast.

"Government officials said the blown-out well 40 miles offshore is spewing five times as much oil into the water as originally estimated — about 5,000 barrels, or 200,000 gallons, a day.

At that rate, the spill could easily eclipse the worst oil spill in U.S. history — the 11 million gallons (41 million liters) that leaked from the grounded tanker Exxon Valdez in Alaska's Prince William Sound in 1989 — in the three months it could take to drill a relief well and plug the gushing well 5,000 feet (1,500 meters) underwater on the sea floor.

Ultimately, the spill could grow much larger than the Valdez because Gulf of Mexico wells typically hold many times more oil than a single tanker."

More here:

TL;DR post about farmer's markets, cooking and soliciting gardening advice for small spaces

I've been incredibly busy of late and hadn't had a free weekend since hmmm, I think before X-mas.  So this past weekend I had my first weekend totally off and boy was it exciting!  I went to the farmer's market at PSU and got some AMAZING lovliness: sheep's milk yogurt from Jacob's creamery (I actually like it better than the Greek yogurt - lacks that harsh bite you sometimes get with Greek yogurt, much more mellow), meadowfoam honey (from the crazy bee guy who is really informative and interested and VERY passionate about bee), smoked salmon, fresh butter ground lamb, turnips (cooked them in a bit of butter with a dash of balsamic vinegar, Worcestershire sauce and plenty of garlic - OM NOM NOM!) culinary lavender (can't wait to do some cooking/adult beverage things with this - any ideas, guys?), and some steamer clams.  Sunday night I used the butter and clams and made homemade pasta (loooove doing this when I have the time and a special dish) and used the fresh butter to make a white wine/butter sauce with the clams and pasta.  It came out BRILLIANTLY!  We're really are fortunate to live in geographical area where we have such easy (comparatively) growing conditions and close access to such an amazing array of fresh foods.  The expansion of the farmer's market was aaaalmost daunting at first.  But I'm really excited to see what else goes in there.  I saw a lot more prepared food vendors but didn't notice a lot of new farmer or unique/new goods vendors, which I was hoping for more of.  I can't wait to spend several weekends there this summer.  What are your favorite farmer's markets around town and why?  Favorite vendors, foods, traditions?  I looooove our farmer's markets, yay!

I also decided to start a garden, having previously timidly gotten a few plants here and there before and prayed for them not to die with a variety of success. I just decided to GO for it this time though.  I got a few starter herbs (thyme and rosemary) and then one of those jiffy greenhouses and planted 2 kinds of beans, oregano, sage, lavender and chives.  I'm mainly interested in growing herbs and things I can use in cooking, at least for now.  My mom's got quite the green thumb and while I absorbed her cooking/baking skills I never really absorbed the gardening skills so I'm sort of flying blind. So I'm hoping maybe you wonderful people (damned though you may be) might have some sage (ha....ha....ha...) advice or good resources you can point me to. I'm in an apartment and have a small balcony so when they grow up enough I'm going to have to figure out a fun way to put everything together and make it fit out there.  Not sure how big or small I should go or whether I should get one planter (maybe trough style I'm thinking) or a few smaller ones, or some other marvelous idea.  I know I need to work my way up in pot size for the moment though.  And then I'd love some advice or resources that explain the painful basics.  How much to water, what to expect at different stages, WTF 'thinning' means and how much to do it w/o killing the plant, pruning, etc. etc.  Something that basically assumes I'm an idiot and explains very carefully.  I get a few magazines that include gardening ideas but these and most resources I see seem to be mostly geared towards gardening when you have a house and lots of space, etc.  I'd love it if there was some kind of magazine or resource that was like "Apartment Living!" for things like gardening, cooking, decorating, etc. for those of us living in limited spaces and with limited budgets.  Anything (especially websites I can read now while I'm anxiously awaiting my sprouts) or books like that that you know of?  I'm surprised they've grown so fast, my peas/beans have already sprouted, the oregano just sprouted today and the chives has this funny spider webby white fuzz over the tops of their peat pots that I *think* means they're about to be next.

Sorry for the novel, but I've been running myself ragged working a full time job and then designing a lot of theatre shows all spring and while it has been tremendously fulfilling it's so excited to have some time to focus on myself now.  Feels a little like I've been 'born again' or re-awakened or something.  Speaking of my shows, if you have kids or are a kid at heart I'm a huge fan of my most recent show, "East of the Sun, West of the Moon" at Shaking the Tree Studios (SE 17th and Stark).  I really admire this company b/c their shows don't talk down to kids, either as performers or as audience members.  Really intelligent script with some really awesome and fun ideas/surprises - even some shadow puppets done by a local artist and troll masks made out of KNITED COPPER WIRE, which is just about the coolest thing I've seen for a while and had no idea that you could do.  It's a really funny show and there are still tickets available Friday night (7 p.m.) and Saturday afternoon (2 p.m.).  Anyway, just a suggestion.

P.S.  I noticed for whatever reason my post has a lot of Christian or religious overtones.  Totally unintentional (I'm a proud heathen!) but how very odd...
she blinded me with science!

Facebook security warning

I "discovered" a security issue on Facebook (not a bug, but an extremely boneheaded feature) which allows anyone with your email address to find your FB account. Also, a spammer or phisher armed with a list of email addresses could use this feature to gather personal information and use it to create more convincing fake emails.

This is mainly an issue for people who are hiding behind fake FB names. If you are concerned about anyone with your email address (e.g., family members, abusive exes, current or potential employers, etc.) being able to find your FB, the only thing you can do is change the email address you use for FB. Also, everyone should be on their guard against phishing attempts that include personal details like your FB name.

Edit: this is in addition to a logged-in user being able to search by email address. The information could be farmed by distributed attackers who are not logged in.

Edit2: commenters are correct that it has to do with cookies. After clearing all cookies for facebook.com, mistyping my email address gives me the expected "incorrect login" message.
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Where's your favorite selection of navel rings? Preferably SW Portland/Beaverton, but I can go anywhere.

All the stuff at the mall & the usual suspects was a little cheesy/plasticy for my tastes.</