April 28th, 2010


annoying post about apartment hunting

So currently I live in an awesome apartment that i would love to stay in, but the rent is going up and I am just not going to be able to afford it. Wamp wamp. 

And now I'm looking. So my question is this: do any of you awesome people know of places that have units available, preferably closer in and less than about 650-700/month? I'm not super picky about it all, I just need a 1 bedroom that is going to be affordable.  

I've checked all the usual rent-websites, but its like trying to find a needle in a haystack. And a lot of the places that seem to be coming up are way the hell out in BFE. I go to school at psu so the closer the better, but I'm really not adverse to living in nopo or inner north east. I have to move by june 15th, so I'm trying to give myself some time to get the ball rolling on this one. 

thanks guys! :) 
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what just happened?

Toy boat toy boat toy boat

Biking across the Burnside bridge this afternoon, I had to turn around and take another route when the drawbridge started to raise. The boat responsible for this turned out to be a little tug, pushing a big, mostly empty I think, barge, down the river. I've seen this tug and barge go back and forth at least twice before this, these past few weeks. This is vexing for several reasons: first, the tug is nearly low enough to clear the bridges without raising them at all; it only needs the draw for a few feet of its communications tower. (They couldn't have designed this thing to fold out of the way, rather than moving all the bridges? Or just used a tug with a two-foot-shorter tower?) Second, it always seems to be at the busiest times of day. But most of all, it always seems like its cargo is empty! It pushes a barge full of nothing but a little dirt. Do I just always catch it in the wrong direction? Does anyone have any idea what this thing might be for?

P.S.: Hail, Portland? Really?

Place for rent!

Hey guys!

My boyfriend and I are moving out of our house in NE (Cully neighborhood) and trying to help our roommate fill our place in the house. Here's his Craigslist ad: http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/roo/1712007329.html

He's really looking for a couple or one person who wants an office - the third bedroom is way too small to be a real bedroom. The bedroom is the master and has two large windows, one on the front and one on the side of the house. The house has one and half bathrooms, a large living room and a decent sized kitchen. There's also a basement, so tons of storage space.

Bills are usually under $100/mo and it's a two minute walk to the 71 bus which will take you to two MAX stations in 10 minutes. It's also a two minute walk to Albertson's and 7-11 and a really short bike ride to Alberta St or Kennedy School. There's a 24 hour Safeway up the road and it's a pretty short bike/bus ride to the Fremont area.

If you're interested or know someone who would be, give him a call!
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Dance Dance

I'm an old fuddy duddy. Or at least too old, because most music venues are too loud. But I want to take a buddy dancing on Friday night, so I'm looking for suggestions (and my ear plugs. Anyone know where I left them?).

The deal is, every place I find with a dance floor seems to be having DJs playing mixes and techno, and that seems repetitive and after a while, annoying. Every place I know of with a band, the folks coming to see them are all standing around the edges with a beer bottle in hand.

Not that I have anything against beer.

I grew up going to hometown bars in the country that had a live band and area to 2-step, and when the drunk in the back yelled out "Free Bird" they played it. Once. I've gotten away from that sort o music, but would like that sort of ambiance - pack the dance floor sort of bands.

So where can I go this Friday? Links to band pages / bar location appreciated. Extra brownie points if it's in the near-east side. Bonus points if the music/dancing starts before 8pm.

adult tap class, anyone?

...and no, "adult" does not mean "x-rated". Just "over the age of 18".

The woman who owns my dance studio has a bit of interest in an adult tap class (including from me! I really miss tap, it's so much fun!) - but she tried to have one recently and very quickly wound up with only one person in it (not me, it overlapped my jazz class). It's really hard to get adults to commit to a dance class, for some reason. Which is lame, because tap is fun and she is an awesome teacher.

So! I figured I'd try and drum up some business here. If you have any interest in learning tap dance (probably a beginning class), and would actually, like, show up for the classes you pay for, email her and tell her that you want to play! It's Studio One Dance Academy, in Johnson City - basically Milwaukie. Right where the Milwaukie Expressway hits I-205 and 82nd Ave, so really easy to get to if you have a car. Bus service to the nearest corner as well.

Come dance with me! Because I need a tap class this summer! And Diana is made of awesome!
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