April 26th, 2010

DamnDog Groomer?

My friend just moved here from N. Washington and needs to find someone to give her small dog a trim! The dog can get kind of nervous and snippy when it comes to getting it's hair cut, so she doesn't want to just drop it anyplace.

So, do you guys know of any dog groomers/dog grooming places that:

*are in the N/NE area
*are good with nervous dogs
*don't cost an arm and a leg (though honestly, this isn't as important as the first two)

Thanks DeePs!
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Where is meetup this month?

So, it's going to be the 4th Tuesday, and since last month was a special karaoke meetup I'm not entirely sure where we're meeting this month. Are we back at McMenamins Tavern and Pool? Or at some new location? Or doing karaoke every month until the end of time?

Anyway, I'm asking now because I'll be watching the playoffs tomorrow night rather than sitting on the internet all night and without internet most of the day on Tuesday because it's dog-walkin' day, so the earlier I know the location the better in terms of me managing to show up.

ETA: I'm pretty much not going to have internet for the rest of the day now. If anything's going on, call me on my tutoring cell phone: 503-896-4563 which I will have with me. I'd be happy to show up to Tavern and Pool as long as at least one or two other people are going, or wherever.
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Quick question... It's been awhile since I was over there, but last time I was, the Bishop's on Hawthorne was closed and being renovated... Anyone know if it has reopened yet? I'm taking a friend for a haircut and it's the closest to us, but don't want to bother making the trip if I'm gonna see that it hasn't reopened yet.

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Hey dp,

I want to treat my coworkers to the deliciousness that is horchata --- but I don't have the time or patience or the blender to make it from scratch at home.

I'm absolutely clueless as to where I could buy some ready to serve (preferably by the gallon)! Help me out guys?

SE side please, have bus will travel.

Prophet Mo-c-e-n-s-o-r-e-d

Word on the street is that the original airing of the South Park Episode 201 was not censored, but then was for subsequent episodes.

I hate censorship. Anyone know of a torrent/download of said episode sans censorship?

I'd love to see it. But bleeps hurt my ears.

Also, what are your thoughts on the newly proposed "Everyone Draw Mohammed Day" on May 20th?

Great idea or greatest idea?

asian art/old stuff appraiser

Hi all - I have an email out to the portland art museum but thought I'd ask here too - I'm looking for someone who can appraise a modest (6-10) number of small old mostly asian items that may or may not be valuable (mostly little decorative pots that I think are perfume or snuff pots plus a couple other things like a tiny statue that I remember has some specific name - netsuke?).  Anyone have experience with any asian/art appraisers in the area?  Recommendations to/against?  Other places to try looking?  Even other types of appraisers who might have recommendations?  Since I don't even know for sure these things are worth anything I'd rather not spend an arm and a leg, and I have absolutely zero experience with appraisers but I fear they are quite expensive.

bikes, bikes, bikes

Hi folks,

Yesterday we collected 88 bikes, bringing the total to 208! This is awesome. I am still trying to fill the container (fits between 350-400), but realistically, I hope to get at least 300 total in there before the truck comes to take it away Thursday morning. I’m having a collection today (Monday) from 4pm-7pm at SE 14th and Alder. Bring your bikes and tell your friends. If you can’t make this collection time, contact me or check my blog for the next time I’ll be at the container.

Thanks again guys,


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Portland walking resources/blogs?

Is there a website similar to bikeportland.org but focused on pedestrian issues? I walk (or sometimes walk + bus) a lot for both errand-running type stuff and for fun, and I'm wondering if there's someplace on the internet that deals with local pedestrian issues. (My current dream: some kind of consistent signage below the "Dead End" signs to let me know if there's a pedestrian easement at the end of the street in question and, ideally, if it's paved/accessible or a muddy trail.)

Any ideas?
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(no subject)

I know there is a group here in Portland that produces musical workshops (typically a musical that is performed concert style). However, I lost all of my bookmarks recently and cannot find it. Does anyone know the name of the group? Thanks!


Dog Fights: a Public Service Announcement

Something scary happened to my husband and I this weekend, and I thought the story was a good lesson in how unprepared for drama most dog owners are. I'm including myself.

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Honestly? This was an extremely traumatic experience for us as pet owners. Thank god my own pup was in the car safely in her crate during this nightmare. But it made us realize how we really have no idea how to break up a dog fight, and dog fights happen when you don't expect it to (that pit had come running up out of nowhere while the poor woman was walking her puppy).  WE NEVER SHOULD'VE APPROACHED THIS DOG FIGHT.  I was absolutely not thinking when I did so. But I bet I would've done it again. 

There are a lot of free-ranging dogs in Portland. If you had a dog, consider carrying pepper spray at all times when you're out with it (we're considering this now ourselves).  If you can avoid it, don't approach two dogs fighting. Never grab a fighting dog's collar (it was a miracle that this worked when my husband did it) and don't hit a fighting dog. If you must break up a dog fight, use the wheelbarrow method: grab the dog by its hind legs (works best when a person is addressing each dog) and move them in an arc away from each other, wheelbarrow-fashion.  This should break up the dog fight with minimal damage to each other--and yourself.

Anyone else with more words of wisdom, I'd love to hear from you so I can learn more. 

On a side note, good job North Portland! Residents, business workers, and passers-by all chipped in to separate the dogs, restrain the attacking dog and get the other pup and its owner transportation to and payment for medical and vet care. We were all strangers, but that day we all pitched in to help members of our community.
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Dr. Recommendation?

I went back about 4-5 pages in the Doctors/Clinics tag and didn't find what I was looking for... I am now going to ask the All-Knowing-All-Singing-Damned-Portlandish-Brains!

I have had issues with my general practitioner basically ever since I started going to him last fall. Today those things culminated beyond reproach (going to be writing an angry letter to Dr's boss kinda drama...) and I am searching for a new doctor!

Things I am looking for!

1. Far out NE or Gresham area would be awesome.
2. Fat/size friendly. "Yes, I know I am overweight, no I don't need you to berate me about it."
3. Male/Female doesn't really matter. Would like a Doc not straight out of med school.
4. Someone who will actually listen to me and not make assumptions and pay no attention to medical history.
5. Takes ODS insurance.
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