April 24th, 2010

"When the going gets dark..."

Tri-Met Destroys My Faith In Humanity

This past week, there was the usual assortment of headset-blasting dipshits, along with lazy twits who stand on the bus and block the aisle-- often right in front of that helpful sign that says, "Don't Block The Aisle." It's moments like that which make me especially sad that I don't own a camera-phone.

Let's see. There was also some kid in the seat behind me pulling my hair. Oh, and for two mornings in a row there was some trendy guy in the seat across from me talking into his phone at the top of his lungs about his various complicated personal problems and Big Artistic Dreams. Two days in a row. It was a serial. Since he spoke pretty much non-stop for the duration of both trips, I really hope there was a therapist on the other end of the line who was billing him $250 an hour. I can't imagine why anyone would want to hear that kind of self-absorbed babble-a-thon at 7:45 AM if they weren't getting paid to hear it.

Also, there's nothing like heading home during the dinner hour and hearing two stupid teenagers bragging loudly in technicolor detail about their various drug-induced body malfunctions. It takes a tremendous amount of willpower when one of them says, "The nurse says I almost diiiiiiiiiiiiied from it!" for me not to stand up and scream, "Maybe you should try again, you stupid ass!"

Whew. I think that's everything. Any other hapless commuters out there who want to add something/someone that I overlooked?

[pours coffee, fetches donuts]

Have a lovely weekend, DP.

Wild Space A Go Go!

I am in a really awesome show, and I'm gonna promote it here!

Relevant because:

It was written by people from Portland!
It features a cast of some of the best local actors in town and a live band of awesome musicians!
Theres lots of sex jokes in it!

Anyway, it is called "Wild Space A Go Go" and it plays at Embers (yes, at Embers) until May 30th so you have lots of chances to see it. Its Fridays Saturdays at 7pm and every other Sunday at 2pm. There are rush tickets available for $15 every night, and reserved tickets are $22-$28. I recommend coming early in the run (before word gets out) to get the rush tickets.

Everything you need to know is at http://www.wildspaceagogo.com

PacNW-ish related? Close enough?

(mods let me know if this is too far off Portlander topics to be here)

I suppose I could post this to the Seattle boards.. but they scare me! So, DP - anyone know a thing about Bellingham, WA?

Some friends and I are going up there for a weekend and I have NO idea which part of town is "fun" for a hotel stay. Alternately looking for camping. The catch is we need to be close-ish to the marina. Any recommendations?

out, out, devil weed!

I have a problem. A variegated, tri-pointed plant is growing invasively in our yard and won't die, no matter what poison we pour on it. Roundup does nothing. Our neighbor grows it as a bush/ground cover and that's how it's getting into our yard, I suppose. Each leaf grows out of the ground on its own stalk, which is weird.

Can anyone identify this?? And, preferably, tell me how to vanquish it.