April 23rd, 2010

Cheap Fabric?

Hello again DP'ers...
I'm looking for some hidden jems (thrift stores, etc.) in the Portland metro area.. Vancouver is fine.. where I can obtain some cheap fabric in some reasonably good size pieces. Places you've actually been to first hand would be muchly appreciated. And go.

(I've already found Knittin Kitten and SCRAP)

Local, independent musicians!

Dearest DamnPortlanders:

I am looking for independent local musicians who'd like to get some free exposure. Here's what I need from you, if you are one such person:

A good, current email address that I can use to get in touch with you in a timely manner

A site where I could sample some of your music (anything works. Myspace, whatever...I just need to hear an accurate portrayal of what your stuff is about)

And, finally, let me know if you're part of a group or a solo artist. It doesn't really matter either way, I'd just like to know going in. ;)

Send the above to kristenbowie@gmail.com. I can explain the project in further detail privately...but it's not public knowledge yet.

***Also, if you guys have favorite local independent artists, send them my way as well and I'll do the rest of the homework myself. Thanks!
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24 hour comic?

In honor of stumptown, and my horrible creative funk I'm experiencing I'd like to call out of the grand city of Portland and pose the two following questions!

1.)  Who amongst you would be interested in participating in getting together to produce 24 hour comics? For those of you who are not familiar with the concept - you just get a bunch of people together in a place for 24 hours and they each produce a comic book.  Pretty straight forward right?  You start all cool calm collective and by the end your ripping your hair out, crazy, manic, and tired as hell.... sounds like fun huh?

2.) Lets say I'm not the only one that ones to put myself through this crazyness.... Any ideas of where we might host such an event?  It would need to be inexpensive (if there was a cost) and obviously be able to host us overnight.

RAWR! I challenge  you with my menacing roar! Who will step up the plate?


(no subject)

Does anyone know about the various Animal Control jurisdictions around metro area? I live in Washington County, but in an area that is otherwise extremely fuzzy about whether it is Portland or Beaverton (roughly SW 87th and Canyon Rd). How do I find out who runs that service in my neighborhood?

EDIT: ok, I have figured this out. Washington County has a good website, with links to Animal Control, AND a page where they post pictures of any animals that have been brought in.
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Selling the dress.

Hey DP,

I have a wedding dress that has never been used. I've put it up on craigslist and ebay, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any shops, such as consignment ones or something of that nature to try and sell the dress to. I've checked the tags because I thought someone posted something similar to this a while back, but I didn't find anything.
Also, if any of you brides to be are looking:
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Green, scent-free cleaning service

Hi DPers,

My internship site can use your collective wisdom.

Can you recommend any cleaners or cleaning services that are green and use scent-free products, that could regularly clean a nonprofit's small office in Northeast Portland? That's reasonably priced?

Thanks for your advice!
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Multnomah County Commissioner Disctrict 2 candidate forum!

Oregon Action is hosting a candidate forum for the Multnomah County Commissioner seat in District 2!

Tuesday April 27
5:30 to 6:45
5431 NE 20th Avenue
Portland, OR 97211

Come listen to Carol Kollymore,Chuck Currie, Loretta Smith, Paul Van Orden, & Maria Rubio talk about issues ranging from gentrification to jail management to crisis mental health services for people who call the police in distress.

Oregon Action leaders will ask questions of the candidates and facilitate audience question and answer.

Join us to hear from the candidates!

(FYI, District 2 is made up of North Portland and some of NE Portland; see a map of county districts here.)

I might as well get it started.. FA/E/NNLC

Today, we try something slightly different: The Friday Afternoon, Evening and Night No-Life Club.

And because I am in a grouchy yet secretly wishful mood, perhaps due to either carbohydrates and/or life, I ask a serious question. (As with all clubs, the serious question is optional, feel free to post references to 80s pop culture as needed).

See where you are now: living a life of quiet desperation, bored, staring into the infinite black hole that comes at the end of your travails to understand, here on earth. Now, see where you want to be: beautiful, lovely, loved, loving, prosperous, and numinous. Think of "a land of limitless energy and boundless happiness" or "dreams of unlimited fulfillment". Now, between that Point A, and that Point Omega, what steps must be taken.

Alternatively: What is your favorite 80's cartoon show.

And... GO.

repo the genetic opera still going sttrong

tonights performance has a special guest from seattle in the role of amber sweet an we have horror specialist tonight. SPOOOKY DAN! www.spookydan.com creator of the puppet opera and twilight puppets. we will have one raffle auctions and possibly a showing of some rare footage again and some early protype repo army merch get theeserare items @ tonight only

Compassion North Clackamas

Some of Portland is in North Clackamas county right? 

Compassion North Clackamas is happening tomorrow - Saturday the 24th, from 9am to 4pm.  Free medical, dental, chiropractic & eye care, food & social services.  If you don't live in north clackamas county, the link below also notes there are similar compassion events in other areas (beaverton, SE, westside, montavilla...).