April 22nd, 2010

  • drjeff

Yes, another killer groupon deal

You know I can't resist the delicious feeling of spamming a captive audience!

But, I figure there must be people out there who have yet to experience the beauty that is Groupon. I mean, 12 bucks for 30 dollars worth of food and drink at Wild Abandon on Belmont? Oh hell yes!
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best deal on an Ipod?

Okay Dpers!
I am not a nerd. I don't own an Ipod and I don't even know how to use one.
However a good friend of mine wants one for her birthday and I would love to buy her one. Can I do that without breaking the bank?

I know nothing about ipods. (yes, I live in a cave of sorts)
Enlighten me! And where can I buy one for 100.00 or less?

Google wasn't that helpful.
In your debt!

skiing on the cheap

hey DP,

I have a Groupon for $15 for $30 Worth of Equipment Rentals at Meadowlark Ski and Snowboard, which is located in Sandy. Anyone want it? I won't be able to use it before 4/30 (expiration date), but I'd love to give someone else the chance.

I can trade or resell it, & if you really want it, but can't pay, I'd be okay with giving it away.

Damn Blackberry Users?

Anyone have a USB 2.0 cable with a micro end that I could use for a couple hours? My cats chewed through mine AND ate the micro sD card reader I'd bought in its stead. I just want to swap out some of the music on my BlackBerry Storm and upload some video onto my computer.

For your time/use of the cable, I will give you some delicious dark chocolate and coconut cupcakes that I baked yesterday, and/or some manner of adult beverage. And I swear to keep the cord away from the hooligan cats (honestly I will probably do the procedure on my porch where they aren't allowed).
beatnik betty

Aries & Taurus Zodiac Party this Sunday

Hey groovy cats, it's my first DJing gig in Portland. 
It's been 9 or 10 months since I last DJ'd in DC, so I'll probably screw up a few times. 

Come count how many times the songs skip during my set!   ;)

Aries & Taurus get in FREE at the door 
this SUNDAY April 25 at 9pm
@ RED ROOM at 2530 NE 82d Ave


Have dog aggression issues?

Hey awl,

I love my little dog, a year-old boxer/cattle-doggish mix, but she has aggression issues towards other dogs and occasionally, people, and this is making life hairier than we'd prefer.  Unless she knows them, she barks, snarls, and growls at any dog she sees.  Dog park experiences range from OK to nuclear (no bloodshed yet, but no indication it would stop there).  We've been through a few classes with our trainer of choice through Behave! Canine Solutions and we're getting mixed results.  Their pedagogy focuses on positive reinforcement and veerrrrry gradual acclimatization.  E.g., see a dog, get some cream cheese.  Look at the dog, get some cream cheese.  Move a little closer, get some cream cheese.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Again, and again, and again.  Eventually, theoretically, instead of dog=fear/need to protect, we'll get dog=serotonin boost.  Makes sense, right?  Riiiiiight....

But like I said, progress is pretty slow going/hard to detect.  Has anyone had a reactive dog that they successfully rehabbed unto chillness?  How did you do it?

ETA: Yeah, at this point we've established that dog parks aren't a good idea...It probably did take longer than it should have to sink in, but we're clued in now.  I mentioned it more to paint the picture.

Also, I'm interested to note in the comments below that nobody has reports of other methods of dog training working...no Cesar Milan, no Kevin Behan (Natural Dog Training guy who says you have to use dogs' predator instincts to work with them), no crazy woo-woo doggie exorcism...I guess we'll stick with what we're doing.

futon removal

Someone dumped a nasty old futon mattress in front of our house...ewww!!
How do I get rid of it?
I called a bunch of places & it seems no one removes this stuff or knows who does...
so I come to you all knowing DPers!!!

EDIT; we rented a car for $10 and put it in the dumpster at my work.

Gluten allergy?

Dear DP doctors and allergy inflicted persons,

could I possibly have a gluten allergy?

I recently realized that if I eat bread (white) or a plate of pasta I get extremely tired, bloated, irritated and feel as if someone put 300 lbs on my back to carry all of a sudden.
I've been diagnosed with mild asthma and since I started limiting my gluten intake over the last few months I noticed I haven't had any episodes.