April 21st, 2010

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Hunting squirrels?

This is one of those theoretical questions brought on by having too much spare time. I've been taking a lot of walks lately, and on those walks I have seen a lot of squirrels. Most of them seem to have no fear of humans, and it wouldn't surprise me if I could catch one with an improvised net and a willingness to get bitten in the process. Joy of Cooking, at least the edition I have, has a recipe for squirrel and a diagram of how to skin one. (It also explains what to have a servant do during a formal dinner party, which does not involve skinning a squirrel or the servant. It is a fairly wide-ranging book, and I'll often open it to a random page and just start reading when I'm bored.)

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that people are not regularly hunting squirrels in the Portland area or the squirrels would keep their distance rather than running up to people looking for food. What I'm curious about is if this is a culture-thing, where people just don't see squirrels as a food source and thus aren't eating them, or if there are laws in place restricting the hunting of squirrels in the metro area despite the fact that some people consider them good eatin'. (Do you need a permit? Is there a bag limit? A season?)

This is all pretty theoretical for me as I'm a vegetarian and thus have much less use for squirrel meat than the squirrel in question does, but the combination of a recipe/diagram in my main cookbook and my experience with the actual animal being completely unafraid of humans seems odd.

Also, I think randomly-selected squirrels could quite possibly have played better defense than the Blazers did tonight.

Just curious: utility pole accident on SE 17th?

While driving to work this morning, I noticed a bunch of cop cars blocking SE 17th between Holgate and 99E and a tipped over utility pole with all the wires still attached.   I didn't want to rubberneck and cause my own accident, so I didn't slow to see what had caused it.  A brief search of the interwebs didn't reveal anything either.  Anyone know what happened?

By the way, googling "pole" and "Portland" gets some interesting results.
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queen of knives

A new opera! Volunteer opportunties! -edited with an update!

Hello Lovely Portlanders!

We, Vagabond Opera, have an actual opera that we wrote (exciting, I know!)

It's called Queen of Knives!

And it will have many things most operas dont have... such as knife throwing, fire and belly dancing. Oh, and words the Average American can understand... you know, English words? Yes!


We need volunteers to help staff the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center, as you may have heard, it is shutting down a few days before our premiere. But we don't expect you to work for free. There's a recession going on!... but we also don't have any money.. but we have merch! And possibly more!

Still interested? Good! We will be good posters and put the information behind a cut so we don't bore the opera haters.

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So yeah, Wilsonville

We just moved down here from Gresham and I'm trying to get a little more acclimated to the area.

Anyone know of any cool off the grid places for shopping or food etc?

Anything in particular I should know or look out for?

Any fun stuff to do besides hanging out with the delinquents at Bullwinkles?

So far I figured out that cell service sucks and none of the national pizza chains are in the area save for Dominos. Also, living 5 minutes from a Frys may not be the best financial decision I ever made.
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Do you love your mattress?

I'm on the hunt for a firm, durable mattress.
Any suggestions on what brands are best?
Sleep number? Sealy Posturepedic?
Needs to support 2 very tall people for at least a couple of years.
Price irrelevant.
PS: mattresses to avoid also welcome