April 19th, 2010


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Out of curiosity, has anyone heard any further info on if/when Portland'll be getting an H & M?  The most recent thing Google seems to be turning up is the original announcement last Dec.

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Looking for: Printer Place

Hello, awesome DP'ers. I'm helping a friend of mine get some cd inserts made, and since y'all are just so darn resourceful, I was wondering if you knew where I could get it printed. I'm looking to get it in color, glossy (or matte, whichever is cheapest), and about 150-200 15"x5" pieces done for the best (affordable, really) price.

Suggestions? Help!

Stay in school, kids!

In case you can't make out what's going on in my crappy picture, it's a homeless guy passed out in a pile of trash in front of the Rite-Aid downtown. He's there every day, drinking all day long usually. Don't worry, an ambulance picked him up already.

Edited to add: That'll be the third time in two weeks for him.

Anyone looking for a car?

I have a 1994 Honda Civic we are going to sell, there is nothing wrong with it, runs perfect, doesnt burn oil, 5 speed, 4 door, good interior, does have alot of miles (245,000) but hondas run forever if you take care of them. We have had it for 3 years and have not had to do anything to it. We drive it from Sherwood to portland 3 days a week and it gets about 25-27 mpg. Kelly Blue book puts it as $1300 for public party sale, I'm selling for $1000. It's black also.

We are selling it because my parents have a '98 honda accord they are selling and we want that one.

the fastest way to get a hold of me is emailing me as i dont check LJ that often anymore.. my email is blueeyedgirl10 at gmail dot com
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Thank you to my wonderful neighbors.

My car suddenly died on me just as I turned on SE 23rd from Hawthorne. Out of nowhere, people flocked over and asked if I needed a push. Without your help, I would have been stranded on that street for a while. Before I could overcome the shock and regain the sense to thank everyone, you all disappeared like a figment of my imagination. Yet, you couldn't have been a hallucination because I couldn't possibly have moved that car by myself.

If you're reading this, thank you so much. I also want to thank you for letting me use your phone.

PS What is your preferred shop for car batteries?

We love beer

So does my friend from Cincinnati flying in this week for a first time trip. Which breweries should I take him to? I know I love Lompoc and Amnesia. Ideas? I want to impress him with our beer skills!

uh oh

OH NO. Portland is gonna have a new cyclist on the road!

I bought me a Specialized Vita. Love it! But before I hopped on the road I wanted tips, suggestions, anything from you vets. Also, other than:
U Lock

Is there anything else you suggest for me to make my new daily commute easier?

Bridal veil post office

I'm planning to mail my wedding invitations in the next few days.  I know its kind of silly, but I've been thinking of driving out to Bridal Veil where they (used to/still do ??) hand cancel all the envelopes and stamp them with the town name and hearts.   I had heard the post office is really tiny and wanted to make sure they were open regular hours on weekdays.  The most recent thing I can find online about it is a year and a half old and says they were going to relocate.    Has anyone else done this recently or do you know the current status of the post office ?