April 18th, 2010

Cute with Bangs!

How did you find the perfect roommate?

I'm 36, and I haven't lived with a roommate for 15 years. Back in my twenties, my criteria for a new roommate was "do I know you?" and "do you need a roommate?" The results were stressful for everyone.

I know you folks have some experience with the process of advertising for, interviewing, and (this is the scary part for me) choosing a great roommate. I bet you've even had some bad experiences, maybe some words of caution, to share about it. I'd love to hear your thoughts. I suspect this might be a bit of an art form.

Thank you in advance :)


Suggestions for good interview questions?
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Did you get a letter that your student loan info was stolen?


I got a letter from ECMC saying someone had stolen my dataz.
I was suspicious because it was mailed to an old address from 6 years ago.
And I long since updated my address for my Federal student loans. This seemed weird.
ANYWAYS, this article mentions the stolen data was all hard copy, and RECOVERED.
There's a lot of talk of this on the net, and a lot of people are suspicious of what the ECMC is up to with the "free" credit monitoring they're offering.
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Coffeemaking Supplies - Retail?

I need a new box of Chemex coffee maker filters. Anyone know of a good local specialty shop that I can call to see if they carry them? Supermarkets have Melita filters, which look somewhat similar but tend to shred during the brewing process when used inside a Chemex. Yes, I've tried this. :/

I know that mail-order services like Amazon can get them to me in 5-7 days, but the shipping is damn expensive and I'd like to avoid that if possible.

Also, I know that there's a retail coffee supply store around 30th and Hawthorne, but I ain't going there. Last time they were a bunch of flakes and strung me along for two damn weeks and at the end...? I still didn't get my damn filters. >: So fuggedaboutit.

Thanks, Everyone, for all the leads! I knew I could count on you! :)

parking lots

Do y'all know of any good parking lots for learning to drive (ie: mostly empty at least at some point during the week)? PCC Rock Creek was good, but pretty far away since we live in close-in PDX. Thanks!
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HP 564XL ink cartridge for sale

I got a new printer/scanner/copier for Christmas, and went out and bought a bunch of ink for when the initial starter cartridges went out. Unfortunately, I didn't think to read the packages, and ended up with one that is specifically not for my printer...and it's beyond the return/exchange period. So anyone want to buy it?

It's a HP 564XL Photo Black cartridge...XL meaning the high-capacity version. Brand-new, in packaging, never used, etc. It's for HP Photosmart printers, but specifically NOT for Photosmart Plus printers (which is specifically called out on the packaging, but I wasn't paying attention). I paid $20, will sell for $10. Live in Beaverton near Beaverton Creek MAX station, work in NW at Good Sam.

iz got boobiez

I am quite busty, and finding printed t-shirts that don't distort across my chest is difficult. I've found the best way around this is women's v-necks with at least a little plunge; they seem to provide enough give to the area. I'm looking for printed t-shirts like those on Threadless or Busted Tees or pretty much anything with a cool design but in the v-neck style. Does that make sense? HALP

Since we haven't had a good post where people tell their life story and argue for a while:

We haven't had a real meaty discussion for a while, and the best way to start one is:

Gender stereotypes.

Now, as a man (and other fellows can back me up on this, most probably), quite often I see women get interested in a guy that is a phony, a fake, a suave loser, ETCETERA. You know the stereotype about "girls go for jerks"? Well, it is often-enough true. And I think I speak for lots of men when I say that this is TEETH-GRITTINGLY infuriating? amirite, people?

Now, just recently, I realized that perhaps this wasn't confined to my gender. So this is a question for teh ladiez: do you often see men trusting and liking womens who are similarly phonies, fakes and suave losers? And I am not solely referring to the fact that it is pretty easy to tempt men with cleavage, or legs, or etc. No, what I mean is women who act like they are GAMERA and FRIEND TO ALL CHILDREN, and that this is believed by men, but seen through obviously by other womens.

Disability/tenant law

Earlier this past week my husband was busted up pretty bad in a freak accident.
He is still in the hospital but expected to recover with a lot of time. His injuries will require him to be in a wheelchair for AT LEAST the next 2-3 months. He has shattered heels, a broken left ulna and radius, fractured vertebrae, sacrum and probably 1 rib.
We currently live in a basement apartment with about 10 steps to get down to access the door. When speaking with my landlord he was less than helpful with breaking the lease. Obviously my hubby physically cannot access this apartment anymore. Is there any clause in oregon law that will allow us to break the lease without a ridiculous $800 penalty that was written in our contract? It's not like we WANT to move. Or, if you don't know that answer, who do I call to find out?
I'm obviously a bit stressed out this week, and haven't had too much time to do research. I feel pretty lost. And, while we might have the money to pay for the charge at this moment, we are obviously going to have some major financial strain down the road with only me working and some ginormous medical bills. Anything you know to help would be fantastic.

ETA: the Fair Housing Council is helping us arrange a move out. Turns out we will not have to pay a penalty! YAY! Boo for douchey landlords, and having to take this route, but I suppose that's what he gets for being a douche.

Its official. DP knows everything.

Because of this I have another question.
I have seen pictures that are black and white but have some of the picture in color. I have searched on how to do this but I have photosuite 4 which amounts to nothing these days.
What program would you suggest to be able to do this?
Would you suggest a hard copy vs an internet download?

I tried using the program called Recolored but when I make my picture black and white and then add what color I want in what part of the picture, it loses detail and its just color.

Thank you know all DP
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