April 17th, 2010


Bookstores that aren't Powell's?

Hey, is it just me or did Powell's re-do the pricing on their books? I love the place and I've always been able to find great deals. I was surprised to walk away nearly empty-handed today. Boo.

So what are some other non-Powell's options for used and new books?

Checked the tags and didn't find a previous post. Sorry if it's been covered in the past.


ETA: Location doesn't matter. Will drive.

Stroller friendly walks?

Because of the beautiful weather we've been having I keep getting the urge to go out and enjoy it. Normally I hit up parks and trails and go for a nice long walk. Well, this year we've thrown a baby in a stroller into the mix which presents a problem since so many trails are not exactly paved/stroller friendly. But I know paved trails do exist! Where do you stroller toting people go for walks? I know the Rhododendron garden is an option BUT they charge admission most days :( And I know of the Spring Water Corridor but I'm afraid of being run down by bicyclists and joggers. I'd like to be out in nature (as much as possible) so high school tracks are not preferable. The closer to Milwaukie and SE the better. Any suggestions? Merci!

damn sane pdx

I looked up old postings to see if anyone had recommendations for psychologists and other mental health therapists and noticed that the postings were, well, old. Very old. Damnpdx, how do you stay sane these days?

It needs to be someone intelligent and open-minded. Cost is less of a big deal as long as it's not ridiculous.

Who do you love? Who works for you? And why? Someone must have some enthusiasm for their therapist.

(no subject)

#1 Does anyone want some packing materials. Like packing peanuts? I got a big order or fragile stuff and got a huge bag. Also some type of paper they used as a cushion. Perhaps you are a ebay seller?

#2 Does anyone know of a good rabbitry. I am looking specifically for Angora and my preference is a 100% Satin or Satin/German Mix. I am willing to wait til September for the right rabbit mix.

#3 a good vet for said rabbit

#4 PANEER... okay where can I find this stuff. I want to just make my own but the recipe says "Full Cream Milk" and I have no clue what that means, and I have checked all my regular markets. I am not at the point where I am willing to travel.

I live in Oregon City, so close would be awesome

Oh I am also looking to sell this big area rug.. btu be warned we think it's alive because it liks to creep across the carpet even if no one is around. Our apartment IS haunted though so who knows. Anyways it's big and tan with green bamboo. It came from my boyfriends rich parents so it's probably nice.