April 16th, 2010

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I totally spaced & forgot to buy yesterday's deal for Revolution (the hair salon). Any chance one of you smart dp'ers bought it to resell to a hopelessly unorganized human being such as myself? I'm willing to pay a little more than its original cost, & you'd be doing me a great favor.

Pretty please?


Self Defense

All right, lovely DP, I am in need of your wisdom once again!

I am going to be having DPSST training soon, and I realized I really have no idea about self defense other than that one year in high school I played rugby. Tackling probably isn't the only thing I should know, so now I ask:

Where should I go to take a really basic self defense class that meets about once a week? Even better, a self defense course that's meant for people going into security positions and such?

Location isn't a problem.

As always, thanks very much for any help you can provide =) Any tips from people who have held security positions before would be great as well.
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Stream.com is hiring

Stream is hiring roughly 700 people for their Beaverton call center. Starting pay is $10/hr, with a 90 day review, after the 90 days there's benefits and (possible) pay increases.

Full time, the call center is apparently 24/7 and shifts will be done on a bid basis (i.e. those with seniority get first pick).

You can all Angela @ 503-626-2800, x8202027 for more details.

ETA: Up front, I hadn't heard of Stream.com until Wednesday afternoon when I heard a commercial for them on 94.7. If you know more about them, go ahead and say something.
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Hi there. So, I'm coming to Portland/Eugene for a week long visit at the end of April, and I'd like to do a two-day (one night) backpacking/camping trip in the area. I'm from Oregon, but I'm not too much of an outdoorswoman, so I don't really know too many good spots, especially that would be open this time of year. Anywhere within about a 3 hour drive from Eugene would be acceptable.

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To catch a thief

The Mother Hips are playing the Doug Fir tonight. Yay for that! But that's not why I'm posting. This was on their facebook page today:
Stolen gear!!! Paul Hoaglin's bass was stolen out of his car in Portland, Oregon last night. It's a white, 12 string Hamer B12S bass with Paul's name painted on the headstock. Also stolen- a green roller bag filled with Mother Hips CDs and shirts. Please contact us with any information.
Wouldn't it be cool to get their shit returned?

Seeking witnesses to an auto collision

I e-mailed the admins of the group, but then I figured I'd just go ahead and join and post, since I'm a Portlander.  I'll copy/pasta the e-mail here.  I don't use live journal anymore, but if anyone has any info, please respond I'll try to check back here often.  I'm just posting about this EVERYWHERE I can think of.

Hello, I was pointed in the direction of this group by an acquaintence who thought you might be able to help.  I don't quite know how groups work because I haven't actually used my livejournal account in over 2 years, so I'm begging for your assistance with this.
I was rear-ended in stopped traffic yesterday, long story short, the kid who hit me gave me false insurance information and I need to find him.  As soon as I get another update from my own insurance company, I'm going to the police.  If any of your members has any information on an accident on a highway in downtown Portland, somewhere between I-5 and 205 (I was lost at the time, not exactly sure what highway it was).  My car is a blue Yaris, and I'm not sure what his was, but it was white.  There was also a red car in front of me that got hit.  Traffic was completely stopped, and there were people on the bridge above the highway holding up signs for novemberrecall.com.  I'm going to visit their website for help as well.
The guy who hit me was college-aged, early or mid twenties, 5'10 or 6' tall, had dark brown, short, spikey-ish hair, and had a cut over his right eye that he told me was from a cycling accident.  The name he gave me was likely false, so I can't even tell you what that is.
I'm not sure exactly what you can do, but if you can notify your members to contact me, that would be greatly appreciated.  My livejournal username is kileylynne, but like I said I haven't used it in years. 
Thank you in advance,

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Full line of Patak's curry pastes at a reasonable price?

Does anyone have suggestions for where I can find a good selection of Patak's brand curry pastes, preferably at around $3 per jar? Before I moved to the Portland area I lived near an Indian specialty store that had their entire line for about that much. I've found a few supermarkets in the area (mostly Fred Meyers) that carried a small selection of their pastes, usually for over $5 a jar. And the ones I'm most interested in -- the Vindaloo paste and the Madras paste seem completely unaccounted for.

I live in southeastern Vancouver, so I'd prefer some place in the easter-more part of town... But I miss those pastes so much I'd probably be up for making longer drives for em' too, just not as often.

Thank you.

probably a silly question...

what is the fastest way time wise to get to Lincoln city from SE Portland? I did a map quest and a google maps which comes up with a route that is 2 hours. My husband says he was told there is someway to go which makes the drive only an hour to an  hour and half, but he cant recall what that route is heh. So...is there a shorter route? and if so..what is it? thanks:)