April 15th, 2010

Go eat worms....

Hey Portland -

I want to eat some very unusual food stuff - unusual at least for an American appetite.  I can't travel the world, but I want to eat unusual food.  Fried crickets or tripe or whatever.

So Portland - what have ya got??? What are your suggestions? What unusual food stuffs made you say "wow, i'll take another!"

EDIT: Sorry- I should have been more clear - I'm looking for restaurants that serve unusual cuisine (such as Montage serving frog legs and gator) especially places that serve unusual cuisine that you really love!  I don't want to eat weird shit just for the sake of eating it - I want to try tastes that are not common here in America, but are worth trying.

Need donations as prizes for seniors

Hello all!
On Friday, May 14th we're having a special casino-themed event at the Marie Smith Center, a senior center where I work. It's part of a wish fulfilment for a client's Senior Wish (like Make-a-Wish for kids, but for seniors).

Anyway - we are bending over backwards trying to make this a special day for our clients. We're going to be conducting a prize raffle and we're getting a lackluster response from the local business community while soliciting prizes to be donated.

We're pretty open-minded about what the prizes are. I'd say no less than $10 value (we're trying to elevate this above the bingo prizes we do all the time). Please, nothing used. Gift cards are a good bet, to restaurants, book/music stores, craft supplies, department stores.

I can give you any paperwork you need, for our 501 c3 status, etc. It is a tax-exampt donation. Your business's name would also be printed on the fliers we're putting out about the event. I can come to you to pick up the donation.

Pm me here if you would like to contribute!
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Captain Kitzhaber

Anyone catch this yesterday? During a gubernatorial debate at the UO campus between (former Oregon Governor) John Kitzhaber and (former Oregon Secretary of State) Bill Bradbury, a yell from the crowd for medical help prompted Kitzhaber (an ER doc) to leap to the rescue of some dude apparently undergoing a seizure. After paramedics took the man to the hospital, Bradbury applauded Kitzhaber's return to the stage, and the debate resumed.

More here, including a link to footage of the debate and incident.
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tenant credit checks

Anyone out there own or operate a rental property, or work in the business of conducting credit/background checks on potential tenants? What resources are available to help me screen or assess tenants by doing these checks?

Kind of feeling out this process from the landlord's point of view, since I have a house I'm going to be renting out. Presently looking to do as much hands-on direct management as possible, as opposed to retaining a management service to do it. Any help is appreciated, thanks!


Anyone know where to find Big Red in Portland? They used to sell it in Safeway and Trader Joes on SE 39th. Also looking for Blue Bell ice cream (I know they sell it Outback).
Thanks for any help.
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How does one throw a couch away?

So I have a nasty couch I want to throw away. I don't even want to bother selling it or even giving it away. My cat has pooped on it for the last time.

So its kinda big. I don't have a truck or anything. How do i make it disappear? Who do I call to haul this thing away? This is the only couch or large piece of furniture I've had in my short adult life so please bear with me. Thanks!
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Halloween 2: Birthday Boogaloo!

Chez Geek is having a halloween party. again. In May. Cause we can.

It is a costume party! And a birthday party! Let me explain:

1) Three members of Chez Geek are having birthdays: Tim on April 30, Stormi on May 1, and Noah on May 8. If you do not think a party is an appropriate way to celebrate a birthday, I do not know what to say to you.

2) Our best parties are our Halloween parties. If you do not think so, you have never been to one of our Halloween parties. The only difference we can see between it and our other parties, aside from the time of year, is COSTUMES. So, potentially, the key to a successful party is alcohol and costumes.

This means that YOU SHOULD WEAR A COSTUME. The penalty for not wearing a costume will be either a $5 cover, or spankings (we're not sure yet). Whichever you do, think of it as your birthday gift to us. And yes, you can volunteer for spankings even though you have a costume--just ask nicely and don't be too creepy about it.
The special Death Punch and evil jello shots will have returned. I swear we didn't just save them over from last October. The best part about a spring time Halloween party, there's a chance it will be warmer than fall. This is portland though so you can't be sure.

Mark your calendar, and tell your friends. You do have a calendar, right? And friends?
here's the facebook post - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=113511812001523&ref=nf

8:30pm May 8th
4737 se 44th ave,
about two blocks south of Holgate Blvd.
Yellow house filled with freaks and noise.
Ample street parking and trimet buses, also crash-able couches and floor space.

Come because the Doctor demands it. And one should never argue with an adorable Scot on a Vespa.
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