April 14th, 2010

little blue dog

i'm sad. and unhappy.

Over a few years I've developed an addiction to Nancy's lowfat yogurt. The little flavored (EDIT: fruit-at-the-bottom) ones, in the 8-oz cups. Love 'em. I find every other yogurt on the market to taste waaaaaay too sweet by comparison.

Used to get them at the New Seasons on N. Interstate by my old house. Now I've moved, and I'm looking for a place to get them. I'm near SE 82nd and Stark. The nearby Safeway doesn't carry them, and neither does The Frederick on Glisan. Both have Nancy's plain in the larger sizes, but neither has the little 8-oz flavored cups.

Anyone? Anyone?

(I've checked the Nancy's website, but it only lists nearby locations that carry any of Nancy's products, not specifically the ones I'm looking for.)
Xmas Socks

A bit OCD

I'm one of those that still love to purchase CDs. I don't know if there will ever be a time when I would come to prefer digital versions vs. something "real". Anyway, I like to organize my CDs, alphabetical according to name/last name and then alphabetical according to album title. It makes for finding CDs a LOT easier! Anyway, I put my CDs on my shelf and they all line up the same way. I can then tilt my head to the right and read all the title. ALL of them. Except for the newest John Mayer CD, Battle Studies. Why the fuck does it have to be the opposite of EVERY OTHER CD.


First World Problems, I know. Haha.

Anyone else have something that they are OCD about?

request for damnphotographers

I am in need of a very large digital image of a traffic jam (or something else that conveys the idea of 'lots of car exhaust/emissions') for an academic project. It doesn't have to be Portland, but that might be interesting (my current picture is of China, but it's only about 4MP and looks awful blown up). It needs to be at least 10MP. I would be willing to pay (some) for it, or give you credit, or both. Do any of you fellow photographers have such a thing?

I've looked at stock photography places but they want LOTS of money. I don't want the rights to your picture, I just want your permission to print it once.

EDIT: Thanks everyone, I found something Creative Commons licensed on Flickr!


Hey guys! Its spring time and Im sure a lot of you are wanting to take some pretty pictures. Well, here's the situation: I just bought this fabulous new camera about a month ago. Its wonderful. However, I am taking a photography class right now and had to get a new one that had manual features on it as well. Soooooo, I gotta sell the old one. 

I've put it up on CL and am hoping for some bites, but nothin yet. Here is the ad.  If you or anyone you know is looking for a camera, let me know you saw this in DP and I will discount the price for you! LOL I just really need to get this sold so I can get the money back that I just spent on the new camera. 

Thanks guys!

concert at Edgefield - where the heck do I sit?

I will be buying tickets for the Avett Brothers playing at Edgefield. I've never been to Edgefield. The show is in July. Do I buy a seat in the regular seating area? Or do I buy a spot on the lawn? Which is more conducive to standing and jumping around like a geek to the music? I imagine the prices are different, but that's not really a concern. I welcome any and all opinions of people with experience at the Edgefield music venue.

Eco/Sewer Friendly Photochemicals

I'd love to use my old manual SLR camera again and would like to make my own prints.  It's been a while and I'm wondering since I last did my own processing if anyone's come up with environmentally (and sewer) friendly photo chemicals.  Most importantly the fixer.  If I cant pour it down the drain, it's not worth to me the extra money I'd have to spend to get it properly disposed of otherwise.  Anyone hear of anything or is this a pipe dream?