April 13th, 2010

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Quilt repair.

Oh Wise DeePee,

I just my foot through the quilt my great-grandmother made me the year I was born (I was silly, and used it like a, you know, quilt) This is an awesome quilt. There is a patch depicting Mt. St. Helens erupting, which shows you how awesome it is. Anyways, it needs repair, and I am basically incompetent with anything needle-related. Do you guys know anybody who can repair a quilt?

Edited: I ripped a seam.


My washer isn't draining well. Even after doing three spin cycles, it takes two hours to dry a load of clothes. I need a plumber who can snake the drain for the washer, and also to fix a drip in the kitchen sink. Any recommendations? I'm in Vancouver, if it matters.

Design assistance?

Say a girl needed some help designing some wedding invitations. The couple have an idea in mind, but need help with some realization.

Where would said girl look to find something/someone (preferably local) to suit her needs?

Any help = greatly appreciated. :-)
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Laptop parts?

I have a broken laptop I need to get rid of. The harddrive is still fine, it's just the screen that is broken and unusable.

Thus my query is where do I go to sell the laptop for parts where I'm going to get a good deal?

Or do any of you DP'ers wanna take it off my hands for me? I'm not sure about the exact year, but it's a Toshiba model, still in good condition except for the screen and it's got Windows Vista on it. I can supply better details later tonight after I get home, but I'm not exactly computer savvy so I might not be able to give all of the wanted info like parts model numbers.

I'd let it go for seventy, but am willing to go as low as fifty.
neigh is kinda snarky.

hey there portlanderites!

LJ is pretty neat. But I know that some of you use tumblr. Well I just created a new photo-tumblr about Portland! Yes, there was one already, but the person running it hasn't been updating and I felt like doing a different one!

So: Come check it out!

Submissions, ideas, etc are loved. Snark is amusing.

I also have a personal tumblr: hereeee. New friends are always welcome! :D