April 12th, 2010


Illustration of what makes Portland different from Tulsa


This discussion amused me - it's a fan page for a well-known and beloved kid-themed Mexican restaurant in Tulsa. Someone mentions being vegetarian, and going full vegan, and hilarity ensues, including a completely random Godwin moment.


My dad loves to fish. My parents are coming to visit next month and I'd like to find a good place for us to fish. Dad, however, doesn't like ocean fishing for some reason. Are there any reccs for good fishing spots? I was thinking somewhere on the Columbia, but I've never fished in Oregon so I dunno.
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Grumpy Gus!


Does anyone else feel this way?  Or is it just me?

On a brighter note, I notice that the interstitial ads on LJ allow me to close them out quickly now, instead of waiting for the whole damn thing to play.