April 11th, 2010


Anyone have a raving recommendation for a dentist? or anyone i should avoid? SE is preferred. I don't really care about cost and i have no dental insurance so i don't need someone who takes any sort of specific insurance. I  just need to get a tooth looked at that seems to be not so welly at the moment, but have been to enough not so good dentists  that i don't like to just go blindly to someone anymore. thanks!

For you frequent movers: do you also have "those boxes"?

I imagine that at least some people in this community move around a bit. (Based on the fact that next to food, that is one of the favorite posting topics).

Am I the only person who, from move to move, seems to have a few boxes of random junk that a) I can't get rid of b) I don't know what to do with?

I moved here in July, and I was just giving another half-hearted attempt to go through those boxes, trying to figure out what all this scrap paper that I've been carting around is about.


Hallo DP,
I come to you with a burning question (I know, I should probably get that looked at)!  Here's the situation:  I work with an afterschool program in which the kids are currently learning about China.  As part of the curriculum we're covering the usual suspects such as art and architecture.  But our food week is coming soon and I'm stumped.  This is where you folks come in . . .

I'm looking for your best grasshopper and/or silkworm recipes!  There are only a few online and most of them are either the eat-them-straight-out-of-the-can, or just involve some frying.  Show me what you've got, guys.
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