April 10th, 2010

Two things...

Anyone going up to PAX this year? I just bought my three-day badge and I'm about to grab a hotel room. I used to live up there but it's my first time at PAX. Kinda excited.

Also, does anyone know where to get the little Oregon badges/buttons/pins/whatever you want to call them? It's an outline of the state with I think a little heart where Portland is.

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has anyone else used the electronic cigarettes?

i bought the NJOY package but the whole thing (menthol and regular) tastes like plastic. does anyone else have experience with this?


I work at a local doggie daycare and we bring in fosters from Oregon Dog Rescue and keep them at our facility until they are adopted. We currently have two smaller dogs staying with us that are awesome and really need a good home. They stayed in my home last night (we take turns keeping them with us over weekends) and they were so much fun and I'd really love them to get adopted into a loving home. They are not a bonded pair so can be separated.

Sadi: 5 yo miniature pinscher mix. There is not an ounce of spunk missing out of this girl. She has such a fun personality and LOVES people of all kinds. She is house trained and accustomed to using a crate. She knows some basic commands and is always eager to please. I've considered adopting her myself but unfortunately she doesn't get along with cats too well...however, in a bigger place (I live in a small apt), I think she'd adapt well. She just likes to bark at them more or less and usually stops after a while. She does get along with other well-behaved dogs and loves to play. She is still very active so would love to be outdoors but also is very happy to snuggle with you anywhere. She rolls over on her back to let you know she'd like a belly scratch and she always looks like she's smiling!
Ad: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/15551688?recno=23

Poppi: 1.5 yo Chihuahua mix. Very sweet and cuddly. He does well with other dogs and doesn't mind cats. He also knows basic commands and is crate trained. He likes to stand up on all fours for an impressive amount of time in order to impress you. A typical Chihuahua, he loves to snuggle up in blankets and will curl up in a ball right on your lap. He likes to go for walks and has decent leash manners. He will bark at other dogs while on a leash but takes corrections well. Off leash, he plays well with other dogs.
Ad: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/15669066?recno=7

Just wanted to throw some information out there about these great dogs. Since the staff has spent some time with them, we are able to give you some info on their habits which is helpful when trying to adopt the right dog for you. If anyone is interested in meeting them, they are staying at LexiDog in the Pearl (NW 10th and Glisan). As with all ODR dogs, Sadi and Poppi are up to date on shots and spayed/neutered.

Have a nice Saturday!
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Nuke it!

I am moving tomorrow and just realized my new place has a microwave built in.

Goodwill won't take electrical items - is anyone interested in a small, antique, free microwave?
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laptop companies

so rather than getting my laptop repaired every time it dies, i think i'm going to just buy a new one. i've found several very comparable laptops hovering around the $500 range though, and i'm undecided as to which one i want. so i'm wondering if anyone has anything, good or bad, to say about the following laptop manufacturers: compaq, toshiba, dell, and asus. tell me why they are assholes and you hate them, why you think they make a really well-made product, or whatever other input that you think might help my decision.
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Downtown or Inner NE Shoe Repair Store -- Open Sunday?

Hey, Folks. Maybe you can help me. I have several pairs of Men's and Women's shoes that need either new heels or heel-protectors. For once, I have a little cash. So I want to take them in for repair tomorrow and (ideally) pick them up again a week or two from then.

Either Downtown or inner NE would be good, especially if you can vouch for them doing good work and turning around stuff promptly. I've used the store in Lloyd Center Mall a time or two. They were nice enough but oh-so-sloooooowww. Same with my usual option in SE Portland.

Thanks. :)


Where are some good places to donate stuff? I'm thinking shelters/co-ops/libraries, etc...specifically for the following things:

dishes or other household wares.

I'll take the stuff to Goodwill if I absolutely have to, but I'd rather not.

Thanks for any tips!