April 8th, 2010


rehoming two kittens

Received an email this morning from a friend trying to help out another friend:

"I adopted two of the sweetest kitties ever over spring break– brothers – one year old almost exactly. Turns out my youngest child is allergic to them, and I’m thinking I need to find them a new home or return them to the adoption center in Bend.

Caramel is a strawberry blonde, and Shadow is grey with a white foot – they have long hair. They are incredibly loving and trusting and great with kids. Frankly, I have never come across such nice cats, ever! I would give both, with all their paraphernalia to a good home (both are fixed, have micro-chips, and a recent vet appointment).

Happy to send a photo if you are interested."

PM me for contact info.

House hunting

Heya DP. Friends and I are looking for a house to rent in May. Since you guys are the eyes and ears of Portland, I figure I would post this here, in case anyone sees something that would fit! I know not everything gets listed on Craigslist...

Also, if you've got trusty property rental companies or horror stories on places to stay away from, I'm all about it.

Here's our Craigslist housing wanted post for specifics: http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/hou/1682626794.html


utility bill accounts

I can't find this information via google or the company websites and my phone is dead, so i'm hoping somebody here knows the answer to my question.

can you have more than one name on PGE and NW Natural accounts (ie: a married couple) or do you have to pick one name? thanks in advance!
trucker ape

cancelling clear internet

anyone had any luck cancelling their contract with clear without having to pay a cancellation fee? i know they'll do it if you can't get a signal where you live, but there are a couple of places where we can get 1 light on the modem, and sometimes even briefly 2. this, of course, is really crappy, and not really acceptable service in my opinion, but i can see them trying to say that that's good enough and if i don't like i'll have to cough up whatever ridiculous fee they want to charge. sooooo, anyone gone through something like this before and successfully not had to pay?
Oct 2010

Moving company

My family is moving this summer, and we are looking for a good moving company. We will be interested in having someone help with packing and loading and moving the whole house from Hillsboro to Portland. We will need a reputable company that is insured and folks have been super happy with. Do you have any suggestions?