April 7th, 2010

Me and Jenner
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DamnOld Worker's Comp Claim?

Heya DeePeeps, I need your advice on something.

Almost 5 years ago, while I was working at Target, I injured my knee and had all the fun of a worker's comp claim. Went to an orthopedic specialist, had a MRI, lots of Xrays, physical therapy, the whole shebang. The general consensus was that I'd probably damaged or torn the Meniscus in my left knee, but by the time the MRI was performed there was no evidence of damage, meaning it'd probably healed by then (there was about a month's delay between the injury and me finally getting to a Dr who would do more than X-ray me and feed me large doses of Ibuprofen.) . At the last appointment I had with the Orthopedic surgeon, he said that I'd healed up as much as I was likely to, and that I'd probably always have a little minor pain when the weather changed, and suggested some exercises that might help keep my knee from getting worse, as well as advised me on what kind of over-the-counter medications/dosages I could take to relieve any pain I might have in the future.

Fast forward to the last few months, my knee has been aching pretty severely on an annoyingly regular basis. I've been starting to suspect that maybe I did something to it that's made it worse, but I'm hesitant to go to a doctor about it because of my insurance. I have Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield through my husband's job, and I'm not sure if this is something that they'd actually COVER. I'm pretty sure the Worker's Comp insurance is a bigger headache than I want to deal with, to try and get that reopened, due to how long it's been and the fact that I haven't worked at Target for 4-1/2 years.

Normally, for a question like this I'd just call my insurance. But since they have to pull up my specific account every time I call them before they'll answer any questions, I'm hesitant to do so, because I'm afraid they'll put notes in my account saying that this is a "pre-existing worker's comp injury" and any treatment for it is not to be paid for by them. I know, I'm paranoid. But I also know insurance companies can be kinda dastardly like that.

Basically, my question is this: is it likely that my once-upon-a-worker's-comp injury that's gotten a bit worse through the years due to everyday wear-and-tear would be covered by my private insurance, even though I wasn't covered by this insurance when the original injury happened?
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How Portlandy!

Today's groupon is for half price at the Space Room. If you're gonna go anyway, grab a couple. If you want to make me RICH BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS, I included my referral code under the cut, but I think I'll be okay either way. :) I just love the half-price booze groupons and wanted to pass along the goodness.
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Poster print.

Dig PDX.

I want a poster. Printed. Just one. Maybe two. Most of the places I looked up do like... 100 minimum. Which is a few too many for me.

Is there a local joint (ie, Not Kinkos-FedEX) 'round here that'd do a relatively inexpensive poster print?

tattoo time?

Hey kids!

Just a friendly reminder of how I'd love to give you all some ink. Rates, info, bio, and portfolio can all be found on my website: lastporter.com/

And I recently created a fan page on FB for my tattooing adventures- won't you come check it out and/or become a fan: Leslie Hero Tattoos

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I need three Google wave invites so my marketing group can streamline our big quarter long project. Also advice/tips on using it to its full extent would be appreciated!

I can't believe it's not lavender... spray?

Has anyone had to deal with a moth infestation in their apartment before? I have found a few flying about my apartment every day for a week now. They're easy to catch but there are always more each day. Yesterday there were several. I set up a couple of sticky moth traps but I have my doubts about their effectiveness.

How well does lavender spray work? I'd prefer to use lavender if it's effective against them since it's rather pleasant to have around and they are not. Where can I find some lavender spray?

Any other advice is appreciated.


I moved into this place at the beginning of January. If the eggs were there before I moved in, would I have seen them before now?

Portland Zine Symposium needs your help!

The Portland Zine Symposium will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year on August 28-29th 2010, which makes it the longest running zine fest in the world!

While admission to the zine symposium has always been free and will always remain free, there are lots of costs that come with putting together an event such as this. We really need your help! The prices for renting the space for the symposium were raised exponentially AND we've grown exponentially, which means that this year we're moving to PSU's Main Gym, giving us more tabling space.

Due to these factors, this year we’re making a call out to the zine community to help us out. You are more than welcome to donate as little or as much as you’d like, but we have set up several donation levels so you can get a little gift from us in return for your donation.

$5.00 - Thank You Level - Every little bit counts!

$10.00 - Mini-Zine Level - We will send you a sticker from a previous zine symposium.

$15.00 - Quarter-Size Level - You get a sticker and a 1” button from a previous zine symposium

$30.00 - Half-Size Level - You will get a recycled t-shirt from a previous year. These are really random so sizes and colors aren’t guaranteed but we’ll do our best. These are great for modifying or making them into a patch. We’ll also include a sticker and 1” button.

$50.00 - Full-Size Level - We’ll send you a 1” button, sticker, and a blue corn mug from the 8th Annual Portland Zine Symposium made from 100% corn plastic.

$75.00 - Zine Library Level - You will get an assortment of zines all created and donated by the Portland Zine Symposium organizers. We’ll also include a button and a sticker.

$100.00 (and beyond) - ZINE ARCADE Level - You get the assortment of zines from the organizers, the 100% corn plastic mug, a button, and a sticker.

Any donation of $30.00 and above will also be thanked in the 10th Annual Portland Zine Symposium program. Paypal all donations to: pdxzines@gmail.com

Want to just buy some PZS gear to support us? Check out the PZS store here: http://pdxzines.bigcartel.com/

Thank you all in advance for helping us make this year’s Portland Zine Symposium the best one yet. Happy 10th anniversary!

Much gratitude,
Portland Zine Symposium Organizers