April 6th, 2010


Need your ideas

So my room mates laptop isn't working anymore. Granted it's a piece of crap(http://www.tradenote.net/keyword/Pressatio/) and it has a 20 gig hard drive that I believe has failed. I turn it on and it says "operating system not found". My instinct told me to pop in a linux live disc and try to see if the helpful penguin could find a solution. Linux mint live disc told me "disk is failing and has many bad sectors". I tried to do an install and got the same error message afterwards. So fellow nerds does that mean get a new hard drive? She's recently unemployed so I'm thinking get a new 20 gig hard drive and install it then go from there, instead of buying a new laptop(which I'd love to do but alas no monies). Ideas and advice are greatly appreciate as always!

Tax Question

I'm sure I'm not the first person to ask this (and I'm not complaining, mind you, I'm okay with paying taxes)...but I don't understand why a person who works in OR but lives in WA has to pay OR income tax. Isn't that taxation without representation, to steal a line from the original Tea Partiers? A WA resident can't vote for OR tax levies. How does that work? Again, not whining, just trying to figure it out.
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Debates coming up!

I hate when people don't tell me about rad events.

Or at least potentially interesting ones... or comical. Or especially political.

So here's the skinny, kids.

On Wednesday, April 7th (You know...tomorrow), the Portland Spectator is sponsoring the ASPSU Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates. It'll take place a noon in Smith Student Union, Parkway North!

On Thursday, April 8th, at the Ramada Inn at Portland International Airport, there will be a Republican Gubernatorial primary debate from 6:30pm-8pm.

Also, at Portland City Club...

* April 9 - Metro Council President Debate
* April 16 - Republican Gubernatorial Primary Debate
* April 23 - Portland City Council Position No. 3 (Saltzman seat) Debate
* April 30 - Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Debate
* May 7 - State Treasurer Debate
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A solution!

I know what you're thinking... Vagabond Opera! I have $25 in my pocket and no plans for April 16th!! What can I do?!

Well, boy do we have a solution to all your woes!

Next Friday, April 16th, We, your very own Vagabond Opera, are opening with for Devotchʞa at the Roseland Theatre as part of the Soul'd Out Music Festival!

More information can be viewed here!


Alternatively, you might be asking telling "Vagabond Opera... I know two of your singers sing opera, but I've always felt betrayed by you never actually doing an opera."

You might also be saying, "Even if you DID do an opera, I hate hearing tenors yodeling off in Italian or German or whatever it is they speak in Old Europe. They also never take place in America, never have belly dancing or fire or anything rad like that!"

Well, problem, solution!

We did just write an opera! And it IS out in May!

Also, it's all in English, we have belly dancers, fire AND KNIFE THROWING.

Our first opera, "Queen of Knives" is premiering in MAY of this year!!

Tickets can be purchased here!

For more information, don't hesitate to ask! We're bring opera back to the masses for a good price and with the best talent... AND FIRE!

Non-lethal mousetraps

I'd like to get a non-lethal mousetrap for the little guy hanging out in my kitchen. He's cute and all, I just don't want to share my leftovers with him :). Hmmm, where does one find such a thing in PDX?
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Helmet search!

Hey dudes! Thanks for humoring my ridiculous question about quiet Saturday night hangouts. It actually helped, and I suspect it'll continue to be helpful in the future.

Now, however, my dilemma is this: I need a cheap helmet. Not just any sort of helmet, but one that would be suitable for me to modify into a SPACE HELMET. For a costume, that is.

I don't need a chin strap, and it needs to be open-faced. This kind of style would probably work best.

I'd like to not spend a whole ton--a used helmet is completely fine--since I'm going to paint and decorate the thing anyway. But anything less than $40-50 would probably be fine.

I don't exactly have time to run all over town checking Goodwill locations, so I would love some one-stop tips, if you have them.

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i've got that burning feeling...

it's time once again for the PDX edition of nucleartacos, that is, food spicier than any served here (ok, i have not tried salvdor molly's yet, but i have tried the hottest wings at fire on the mountain a few times and these tacos have 'em licked).

if you're a spice fiend and free on friday evening, you can come sample my wares! BYOB, but i'm providing tacos and the antidote. vegan and not.

warning: very few people have the stomach to make nuclear tacos count as dinner. these aren't fucking around. ask waxsinister or obsqurity if you need independent local verification.

if you're interested, drop me a line and i'll send you the event info. tacos@w.tf (really).
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Cover me...

Having just discovered some simply awful covers of some of my most beloved songs on youtube, I need to find some great ones.

My loves, please share with me your favorite cover songs!

trysts gone wrong: a PSA

Hey, guys! I have a request:

Say you're going to have some fun and flirt around on the interwebs, and it gets to the point of making some plans for a liaison. But then you get second thoughts and decide you don't want meet them after all?

If you can't nut up and admit that to them, and decide to give out a fake address, I humbly ask that you give an address that doesn't exist. Because no one wants some poor sap turning up on their doorstep at some late hour, looking confused and forlorn that he won't, in fact, be getting it on imminently.
Oregon Beer

Seaweed salad?

I love the stuff but not the little dishes usually served up. Where can I buy a bucket? The only online info I've been able to find is a review on the Good Neighbor store on SE 82nd. It's a Russian market, and well, I'm thinking I should look elsewhere. It's been at least 6 months since I struck-out while walking through the Asian supermarket south of Division. Has anyone seen it in a deli case or the like?