April 5th, 2010

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Helloooooo, DPers. Long time, no annoying HELP ME posts!

A friend is coming into town this week for a job fair at the Convention Center. He's staying in a very nearby hotel. He and I both have cars, but realistically, we haven't seen each other for five years and will probably want to drink a fair amount.

Besides Red Robin, is there ANYWHERE within walking distance of the Convention Center for decent food and drink? I'll even venture for a hotel restaurant/bar.


*He has no desire to venture on the Max or public transportation. I don't protest this. I know. How un-Portland of me!

Car detailing?

Any recommendations for a place to go to get my car detailed inside and out? I'm planning on selling blue thunder(tm), my trusty 2001 ford focus wagon. I want to get her all prettied up before I put her on the market. Thanks all!

Woodburn to Portland after 3pm?

I need to be in Woodburn tomorrow for a meeting at noon. My car is in the shop until the 13th (long story, ugh).

Greyhound has buses that leave for Woodburn in the morning but their only bus returning to Portland leaves at 1.50 pm, which is way too early for me. Ideally I would leave Woodburn around 3ish-4ish to head back to PDX.

Do you know of any other bus services or shuttles that leave from Woodburn to Portland in the late afternoon? Taxis are out of the question because I imagine they'd be horrifically expensive.

Craigslist rideshare has nothing. Any other ideas or suggestions??

I REMEMBERED THAT ZIPCARS EXIST :D :D :D go ahead and leave a comment or alternative suggestion anyway for future reference :)
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Venue needed for dramatic reading

Dear DamnPeople,
I've been organizing a reading of "Two Gentlemen of Lebowski," which, if you missed all the internet hullabaloo a few months back, is the script of The Big Lebowski re-written in Shakespearean form. It's hilarious and dripping with win. Now all I need is a place to perform it, which leads me into several quandries:
1. I'm looking for a couple local parks for performances. The location doesn't need much of anything fancy, since it's just a reading, not a full production. It just needs to have a covered area in case of rain, and it would be super awesome if it includes a place for an audience to sit (an amphitheater type arrangement perhaps?). Portland has approximately 12 million public parks, and unfortunately I don't have time to visit them all. :(
1a. I've heard mixed information as to what I'd need to do to make sure the City doesn't throw us out - do I need to contact the Parks & Rec Dept to reserve a space? Or do I just need to procure a busking license? And if so, would I need separate licenses for each cast member, or just a group license?
2. It might also be neat to perform this at a restaurant/bar (there just needs to be a small space for actors to sit, and enough light to read by). If any of you have a connection to such a space and might be interested, let me know!
My knowledge of these things is scarce at best, so any help at all is greatly appreciated. Googling hasn't been terribly fruitful, unfortunately.
Once I have the details ironed out, I'll post information here for anyone who would like to attend. Thanks :)
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Unsolicited Mail!

So, I received randomly this weird book in the mail today. It wasn't actually addressed to me, just "resident."

Nonetheless, I really want to know how this company obtained my mailing address. If I request it, aren't they legally obligated to tell me how they got it?

Also, nosing around the 'nets, it looks like they're in violation of their Non Profit mailing permit because according to the Domestic Mail Manual, 703 1.5, the name and return address of the non profit must be on the outside or prominently displayed. I had to nose around in the book and assume that the publisher's address is the non profit's address because the cities are the same, but there's no definite way to verify that. I'd like to report this violation, but I'm failing at the Internet in finding out how.


I do not like being solicited. It's gross.

A couple of weeks ago two ladies peddling their religion came to my house and knocked on my door non-stop until I woke up, put on clothes, and went to the door. They had JUST given up when I got there and opened it, and a piece of paper when tittering to the porch floor from the door seam. Then one was like, "Oh. We left an invitation for you. It was in the door, but it fell down there." I just said, "Thanks," and closed the door. I didn't pay much attention to whether these people were related, but I wonder if they're just going around and adding people to a mailing list without their consent. I have no idea how I ended up with this mailing.
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Why People Distrust Police and why Wanna Be Anarchists Riot

A primer for those new to the ways of the world. 

Some police officers abuse their power routinely. 

Police officers that don't abuse their power routinely don't do much to stop the ones that do.

When police have a weak case against someone they exaggerate the evidence and tell outright lies in their reports.

The internal system the police have for dealing with officers who are repeatedly involved in violent altercations is inadequate to laughable.  It's similar to the way the catholic church deals with child rapists.

If you look at the police as a nationwide phenomenon, they have a long history of corruption, abuse of power, and torture (google Abner Louima)

When questioned on this, the political stance of commissioners and union leaders usually amounts to a "fuck you pansy liberals, we'll do what we like" (regional differences apply and levels of politeness vary)

Faced with this background, when the police kill another human being, even justifiably so, people get upset. When it happens after several months of questionable incidents that the city has failed to deal with, people get really upset.

People who fancy themselves revolutionaries get upset enough to start stirring shit up. People who hang out with people who fancy themselves revolutionaries because they like breaking shit egg them on. Sometime undercover agents trying to make a case against the people who fancy themselves revolutionaries and their brawling friends egg them on (google Brandon Darby)

The riot was an inevitable reaction to a pattern of behavior.

So, the next time you're feeling down and want to post something along the lines of "those people who don't like cops/police/apple pie are so much dumber than me!", the above is the context you're dealing with.  Either bring something new to the table or shut the fuck up.  Complaining about black mask anarchists in Portland being immature like bitching about the rain.