April 4th, 2010

use me!

Hi friends! I'm a senior English major at PSU and this term I'm taking a class called Writing Careers for English Majors (from Dan DeWeese, he's awesome). One requirement for this class is to find a volunteer position or internship for at least 3 hours a week for the duration of Spring term. I've looked into some real internships, and 1. the deadline for applications has passed (they operate on the same term schedule the school does) and 2. many places would want a lot more than 3 hours a week from me.
So I'm turning to more casual volunteer positions. The only requirement is that I must write or edit at least once for the organization I work with. I expect I'll find a way to fill that no matter where I find a gig- even polishing website content counts. I thought I'd turn to the friendly people of DP and offer my services. I'm an excellent student looking to use and expand skills in any capacity. Do you have or do you know of an organization/non-profit that could use my free labor for 3-5 hours a week? If so please comment and we'll chat!
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Flea treatment in NW

Does anyone know where in downtown or NW PDX I can find Frontline or Advantage for cats? My cats both have fleas and I can't find this stuff anywhere. If I had a car, I'd just drive out to the burbs and go to Petco, but I'm Tri-Met's bitch these days.

Me and my poor kittehs thank you.
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Best linux distribution?
(also, it's my birthday so be nice if you feel like it)

I'm running Kubuntu 9.10 and hating KDE 4 with a passion.
I'm not too stoked about GNOME either.

A barrel of fun!

Passing along a note from a friend who is hosting an even tonight... that I'm a part of!


On Sunday, April 4th, 2010 AGCR is sponsoring an evening get together with local shooting groups in Portland.

Participating organizations include Reed College's gun club, the Reed Shooting Sports Kollectiv (RSSK)http://www.rssk.org/rssk/political-committee.html, the Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF)www.oregonfirearms.org whose founder Kevin Starrett will be appearing plus AGCR, the region's only independent gun politics magazine.

The Plan B Bar in SE Portland is our hosting venue and this event kicks off at 7pm. Each group will present on their activities as well as offering tabling and information sharing. Later in the evening, we will turn this gathering into a dance party with DJ No. 6 playing a setlist of gun themed music.

So, mark your calendar and get ready to tip back a few beers and dance to Tom Waits, Johnny Cash and The Clash with the rest of Portland's shooting community.

Plan B is located at 1305 SE 8th Portland OR 97214

There is no admission, but donations for the Oregon Firearms Federation's Legal Defense Fund are encouraged.

See you there,

Ross Eliot, editor
American Gun Culture Report LLC

For a further explanation of what AGCR is all about, this brief video may be illuminating.

http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=c1RaBEM0GuY