April 3rd, 2010

Horny at 3 AM

Did anybody else hear the rather loud boat (tugboat?) horn for about five minutes last night, right around 3 AM?

We lived for years on SE 37th and never heard such a thing. (Train horns, yes.) Now we've been on SE 25th for more than a month, but this is the first time we've heard this. I woke up my wife to listen as the periodic, mournful horn slowly faded away.

But for a while it was quite audible. Perhaps it was the geographic amplification effect that the cops talked about in explaining why the sound from that pipe bomb reverberated throughout Southeast a week or two ago?
Lolita: pic#65460477

Portland Earth Science

This isn't the BEST picture of this phenomenon, but it should be enough to suffice.

Troubled Water

Very often patches on the surface of the Willamette will appear to ripple at a different rate than the rest of the river. Why does the river do this? Is it just pollution/scum on the surface of the water or something else?


So there is a very good possibility that I will going to the Muse concert tonight. Hoshit!!!  So excited!!

But was curious about cameras. I have never been there and can't fine the info on the website. What are the rules about cameras? And If they aren't allowed, how thorough are they about checking bags/bras?


Bang Bang.

I need some gun themed songs.

I have lots. I just want more, for a DJ-ing thing I'm doing at Plan B tomorrow night.

You know. Obvious songs like "Little Guns" by Oingo Boigo or trickier things like "Ride Your Pony" by Lee Dorsey, which features the lines "Now shoot! *gunshot* Shoot! *gunshot* Shoot! *gunshot*"

So you know. Things like that.

house in the sky

Requests are up for PDX Pop Now!

The 2010 request process has begun for PDX Pop Now! If you've got a favorite local band you'd like us to know about, tell us about it here:


PDX Pop Now! has been putting on a festival of Portland music every summer since 2004. We try our best to put together a good eclectic bunch of bands from all of Portland's music scenes and subcultures. One way in which we expand our horizons looking for new music is this online suggestion box. If you've got a favorite local band that rocks your world, please take a moment to tell us about it.
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Anyone else ride the max this evening and find multiple balloon figures?  As I was walking up to the Galleria stop I saw a girl walking away with some kind of balloon critter.  When the next MAX arrived and I got on, there were multiple balloon poodles sitting on seats and straddling dividers, several balloon flowers (hung on someone's bike handlebars!), and two balloon swords.  Before I got off there were a couple teens dueling with the swords, then one of them used the sword to pretend to walk one of the poodles.  It was pretty awesome.  (I failed to get photos.)