March 31st, 2010


Speaking of microchips...

...Cat Adoption Team is doing a low-cost microchip day (for cats and dogs) on Saturday. Here's the blurb posted in their newsletter:

It’s not going to be raining dogs and cats but on Saturday, April 3, you’ll see a lot of dogs and cats at the shelter getting microchipped. CAT is hosting it annual Discount Microchip Clinic from 10 am - 2 pm. Is your pet chipped? Microchips are $20 each ($15 with this $5 off coupon). Open to the first 200 pet dogs and cats. Click here for all the details.
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Dungeons and also Dragons

Previously lettres_mortes posted that we were interested in playing some D&D, and so here's an official roll call. I'll be GMing and we'll be using the Pathfinder rules, which are basically D&D 3.5 with some changes. Don't worry if you don't have a copy, we'll probably be able to get you a loaner.

No experience is necessary. I haven't played regularly in many years, so it's kind of like I'm a newb too. We'll probably only be able to take 3 or 4 people tops, but I'll keep a wait list and if anyone decides to drop out we'll pick up more people later. We'll be running every other weekend, most likely on sundays starting the weekend after next, so April 11.

Anyway, let me know if you're interested and we'll get this thing going!

birthday gathering

A friend's birthday is this Friday, and we've suddenly realized how many people would like to go out and join in for dinner drinks. It's probably going to be about 15-20 people, so we don't want to be total dicks for showing up in a group, and want to call ahead and make sure it's cool instead of just arriving.

I know I've seen similar posts, but am having trouble tracking the specifics down. We'd ideally like to be in N/NE Portland, and not spend tremendous amounts of money.

Any suggestions you have would be fantastic!
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Spicy food in Beaverton

Looking for a place near 185th and TV hwy. I would like for it to have a Spicy menu, but also a salad menu?

She likes Spicy, but I am on a pretty stringent diet. Salad and lean meats are about my intakes right now.

Any help is appreciated.