March 30th, 2010


Arts and Crafts

 Hey crafty DPers-- I'm looking to get into linocuts, linoprinting, and woodblock printing. Where would be the best place in the city to go hunt down supplies? Brand new to this, so I'd be getting all of the starting gear. 

I'm also in the market for an inexpensive, used sewing machine. I know, I know, it's almost like too much crafting up in here... what can I say, it's rainy and I need hobbies! If anyone knows of one for sale (on a student budget -cough-), I'd greatly appreciate it! 

Another politics thread

Remember when Joe Stack flew a plane into an IRS building to protest the government and I asked why nobody would call him a terrorist? Some people agreed with me that it was a double-standard to not call him a terrorist. Some people felt that some distinction still remained that made him not a terrorist. It seemed to be the consensus among those that terrorists can't be loners, that it's the threat posed by a group acting together that makes them uniquely terrifying (and suggesting that lone suicide bombers aren't terrifying, I guess.)

So why aren't the media calling these guys terrorists?

I see no other explanation than they are simply blindly racist. To them, white Americans can never be terrorists.


(no subject)


The bill the President signed this morning includes historic investments to make education more affordable, and delivers on a key campaign promise. The legislation:

-- Ends subsidies to special-interest private lending companies.

-- Doubles funding for Pell Grants to help more students afford a college education.

-- Will cap a graduate's annual student-loan repayments at 10 percent of his or her income.

-- Helps an additional 5 million Americans earn degrees and certificates over the next decade, by revitalizing programming at our nation's community colleges.

Yay! Double Pells, cap on student loan repayment cost..

*happy dance*


So thanks all for the recommendations for Anna Bananas in St. Johns last time, the place worked out pretty great! I really liked the rooms for use in the back there! Great place to meet with the others in my game group.

Unfortunately I'm not normally in that part of town - are there any coffee shops that have rooms for use like Anna's that are more in my part of town? That is inner SE or Downtown? (don't mention Anna's on Northrup, I'm already checking that one out tonight)

I've been scouring Yelp and other sites and looking at pictures and descriptions of other coffe shops, but haven't found anything conclusive yet. I'm planning on stopping by a few of them tonight to take a look myself, but I can't go every where in one night!

So I'm wondering, does anyone out there know of places like Anna Bananas - that isn't Anna Bananas?

I'm not vegan, vegetarian, organic only, or picky about pretty much anything.

Elvis! Tina! Cher!

This is going to be ridiculously fun. The best Elvis, Tina, and Cher impersonators this side of the Mississippi. All at the Bagdad, hosted by the fabulous Poison Waters. All to benefit the first domestic violence shelter on the West Coast, Bradley Angle (and the only domestic violence organization in Oregon offering culturally specific programming to LGBTQ survivors). April 17th, 6-9pm! Get your tix and spread the Bradley Angle (and Elvis) love!