March 29th, 2010

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Anyone have any suggestions on how to cheaply ship a few things from PDX to Indiana? PODS doesn't service Indiana, and the other shipping company I looked at would charge over $1,600. I just want to ship a bicycle, a small two-shelf bookcase worth of books, and maybe, I dunno, 30 cubic feet of random non-hazardous crap. Preferably for less than it would cost to buy a beater and drive it there myself.

Portland Zine Symposium needs your help!

The Portland Zine Symposium will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year on August 28-29th 2010, which makes it the longest running zine fest in the world!

While admission to the zine symposium has always been free and will always remain free, there are lots of costs that come with putting together an event such as this. We really need your help! The prices for renting the space for the symposium were raised exponentially AND we've grown exponentially, which means that this year we're moving to PSU's Main Gym, giving us more tabling space.

Due to these factors, this year we’re making a call out to the zine community to help us out. You are more than welcome to donate as little or as much as you’d like, but we have set up several donation levels so you can get a little gift from us in return for your donation.

$5.00 - Thank You Level - Every little bit counts!

$10.00 - Mini-Zine Level - We will send you a sticker from a previous zine symposium.

$15.00 - Quarter-Size Level - You get a sticker and a 1” button from a previous zine symposium

$30.00 - Half-Size Level - You will get a recycled t-shirt from a previous year. These are really random so sizes and colors aren’t guaranteed but we’ll do our best. These are great for modifying or making them into a patch. We’ll also include a sticker and 1” button.

$50.00 - Full-Size Level - We’ll send you a 1” button, sticker, and a blue corn mug from the 8th Annual Portland Zine Symposium made from 100% corn plastic.

$75.00 - Zine Library Level - You will get an assortment of zines all created and donated by the Portland Zine Symposium organizers. We’ll also include a button and a sticker.

$100.00 (and beyond) - ZINE ARCADE Level - You get the assortment of zines from the organizers, the 100% corn plastic mug, a button, and a sticker.

Any donation of $30.00 and above will also be thanked in the 10th Annual Portland Zine Symposium program.

paypal all donations to:

Want to just buy some PZS gear to support us? Check out the PZS store here:

Thank you all in advance for helping us make this year’s Portland Zine Symposium the best one yet. Happy 10th anniversary!

Much gratitude,
Portland Zine Symposium Organizers

PSA: Pet Microchips

A.) Does your pet have a microchip?

B.)Have you recently updated your contact information with the microchip company?

Get your pet chipped, and keep your info up to date. Doing this may save your pet's life.
Even if your pet never goes outside or never leaves your side, do it. Indoor pets run out, and loyal pets sometimes see things/hear things which make them run off. Collars fall off.

I'm witness to an awful lot of "stray," injured pets who either don't have microchips or who have microchips with outdated info (even more sad). There is a limit to what vets and shelters can do for injured strays. If they can't get in contact with the owner, then sometimes the pet will be euthanized.

Your vet or any vet should be able to scan your animal and let you know which company your pet is microchipped with. Call the company and update your info today!

Animal Aid, and the Multnomah County Shelter will sometimes offer low-cost microchip clinics for $10-20. Call them to indicate there is interest for them to hold another clinic. Microchipping at a vet clinic will cost somewhere between $25 and $60.

HomeAgain Microchip
1-888-HOMEAGAIN (1-888-466-3242)

24PetWatch Microchip

AVID Microchip

Bayer ResQ Microchip
1-877-PETLINK (1-877-738-5465)

AKC Microchip

AAHA Universal Microchip lookup
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Fools Day: A Discordian Journey of Initiation, or Whatever

It's a Discordian April Fool's ritual, with ceremonial mummery, performance and beer. What's not to like?

Featuring the surrealist vaudeville of the New Eccentrics and the musical stylings of Portland's very own Duke of Uke, the booty-shaking fruity-making oonce oonce oonce of DJ Princess Starbright Crystal Initiatrix, plus all the madcap saints and doktors you've come to know and tolerate. Barely.

Join us on April Fool's Day, or the joke's on you. Well, it's on you anyway. Whatever.

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The human mutual repulsion principle

There's something incredibly alienating about public transportation sometimes.

Today I took the MAX out to Hillsboro, and came back during rush hour. When the train filled up, there was a woman standing next to the seat, and I moved over and pulled my briefcase onto my lap so she'd have a seat. She steadfastly ignored it, even when her friend, sitting across from her, motioned, hey, there's a place for you to sit. After a bit, I got up when the train reached my stop, and then she sat down. (On the outer seat, so no one could take the inner one.) For some reason, this felt harsh. I know I'm not, like, incredibly attractive or anything, but who cares? I took a shower this morning, and don't stare at people's chests or mumble to myself or anything.

This sort of thing is not uncommon - it is ubiquitous. And, of course, I do it too sometimes - if you sit next to someone, there's this risk of offending them. Especially if the vehicle isn't packed, and especially if at least one of you is male. I don't have any brilliant insights on this; it just made me feel gross and degraded, on a day when I'm feeling pretty degraded to begin with.
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Wireless Internet

So CLEAR doesn't work for me in my area. I have a home modem, and it's constantly at one light. Whenever I go to a friend's who has the same modem, I want to scream in frustration because all of his lights are glowing, mocking me.

However, I am finding it hard to find other wireless alternatives. I am pretty sure all of the phone carriers have something similar, but I can't find "clear" answers (see what I did there?).

My main question: if I want to get internet service through AT&T, for example, can I do it as a stand alone or do I have to attach it to my phone plan with them? Landlines and DSL are not an option for my current situation. I want something I plug in to my laptop that needs no wires into the wall other than for power.

Any recommendations? I want fast, if possible, though at this time anything will be better than what I'm getting now. I know Sprint does it (I actually found prices for them, so I'm covered on that) and AT&T. Anyone else?
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Downtown Protesters

I was just in the Safeway on SW 10th. Police brutality protesters walking by were throwing rocks at the windows. We were not allowed to leave until they passed. It's just crazy out thhere. Very large police presence. The choppers are pretty much hovering. Stay safe, guys!

Free online tax service that deals with 1099-MISC/self employment

Anyone know or can recommend a safe, easy, FREE online tax service that handles 1099-MISC/ self employment tax forms especially if I have deductions?  I don't have a lot in that area but it's just enough to be a pain in the a$$ (dollar signs only b/c we're talking about the guv'ment taking my money) and I don't trust myself to figure out the paper version correctly.   I'm getting increasingly sick of getting halfway through various programs only to be told, "oh I'm sorry, we can't handle that!"  Figure I can't be the only one running into this minor annoyance.

Police protest photos

Earlier, I spent around three hours with the police protest march. In amongst, behind, ahead. When I hung back to observe and get photos and the main body got away from me, I'd just follow the motorcycle phalanx as they took off. I almost always ended up ahead of the march. I haven't run so much since cub scouts.

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Water proof fabric for making a backpack/shoulder bag

Hey DP,

I've been trudging along with the same not-waterproof backpack for a couple of years now, and I've decided I'm going to make one, inspired by this nifty instructible.

The only problem is that I have no idea what kind of fabrics are waterproof. Other than the neoprene, of which there seem to be different kinds that have me completely boggled over where to start. Are there other waterproof fabrics/materials that would be good for this, and if so, where can I buy them locally?