March 28th, 2010

fuck yourself

freaking "updates"

Is anyone else having trouble with Fireox's latest update? The only change my computer has seen recently is firefox upgrading itself again - and suddenly it's like I'm back on dialup with 256 mb of ram. It takes FOREVER to do ANYTHING, and it's pissing me off. Anyone else having issues like this? Seriously, drop-down menus take a minute or more to show themselves, and etc. Making me crazy.

ETA Yes, last night I ran my anti-virus, both spyware programs, and my disc cleaner. Didn't make even the slightest bit of difference. And for the first time, IE is running faster than Firefox. That has never happened before.
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grasshopper shoe

hat tree?

I know there are forms you can put in shoes to stretch them out.  Are there similar forms for hats?  Or, are there hat specialists that can take a slightly-too-small hat and possibly make it slightly larger?

I have a beautiful/awesome handmade hat someone gave me as a gift.  Either I have a big head or I have too much hair, I don't know, but it's too tight.  I think it's actually knit but it has very little give to it.  I would love to find a way to make it wearable.
(Portland related because I'm in portland I guess)

sad & beautiful world

Serious question...about Star Wars.

So instead of breaking up with my girlfriend when she informed me she'd never seen Star Wars (and I mean episodes IV, V and VI), I've decided to indulge in galactic glory with her, while warning her this could be us at some point...

HOWEVER...I can't really find the original versions of the original trilogy. You know... the one where Han Solo isn't a pussy who waits to be shot at first by a bounty hunter and weird CG Jaba's don't wander around getting their tails stepped on and strange Hayden Christensen's appear.

So what do I do? Try to track down a VCR and the VHS versions? Bite my pretentious Star Wars-ness and accept that the re-mastered versions are all I can find? I mean, she wouldn't know the difference as she's never seen them.

Also, do I show her I, II and III first? Or original first?
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(no subject)

last night at pioneer square, on the corner of Nordstrom, there was this kickass band playing in front of an audience.

i didn't catch their name unfortunately.

any of you happen to be there? i really hope someone did. i'm dying to know their name!

Yard Work

Looking to finally do something about the jungle backyard and I need some recommendations.

Just the backyard. Nothing fancy: trim the yard and haul away. No fussy plants, etc to deal with.

Just remembered about this

A few weeks ago, at maybe 5PM, I was walking by the Safeway that's over in SW by PSU, and I saw a strange sight. I completely forgot about it until now, but I'd still really like to know what it was, and I figured one of you kind folks might know.

There was a group of maybe a dozen people banging on drums and making music. They were standing on a sidewalk on a relatively un-busy side street, about in the middle of the block, kind of clustered in a circle. You know that scene in the second Matrix movie where all the folks in Zion have a big old orgy/dance party? These people were dressed kind of like that, with a helping of Mad Max thrown in. There was a pretty big animal skull lying on the ground near them, and they were going crazy, dancing and jumping around and making noise. The weird thing about it though was that they really didn't appear to be performing for anyone. No one was watching and, like I said, they weren't in a very conspicuous place.

Anyone know what this was? It looked like tons of fun. I didn't want to interrupt their party and ask them what was going on, but I'm really curious.
be still my little darling

First Thurs/Fri art-farting

I haven't been able to check out any First Thursday or Friday openings for months, so I'm looking forward to finally hitting some this week. Planning on popping into Grass Hut and will likely loop around the Everett Lofts, might check out Good's "Creepy Crawlies" show if there's other stuff going on nearby - do you guys have any other recommendations? I tend to like more illustrative, quirky stuff rather than straightforward realism or concept-based abstract work, with soft spots for mixed media and collage, if that helps.

Where to get STD-tested?

I'm looking for a place that one (without insurance) can get tested for the following STDs:

- HSV 1 & 2
- syphilis
- gonorrhea
- chlamydia

And achieves the best possible combination of these criteria:

- cost
- convenience
- turn-around time

What would you recommend?
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(no subject)

Okay, we're at SE 48th, someone else over at SE 57th, and somebody else in Sellwood, and we all heard an earth-shattering boom. The hell? Somebody shelling Southeast?

Let me groom your pet!

Hey guys,
Finally, FINALLY, I got a gig in inner Portland, as opposed to Tigard, where I've been doing the commute from hell for almost a year. 

Anyway, I am a dog and cat groomer with seven years all breed show and pet experience. I also am frequently referred to for elderly, handicapped or hard-to-handle pets. I am now grooming at SE 39th and Hawthorne, at a well-established self-serve pet wash. Want more info or a quote? I have my own business line at 503-719-8586, or email

(note: I am also available in the inner NE and SE areas for in-home pet sitting. I come with references, as well as a firm background in animal behavior/training and over a year experience as a vet tech for those that need special care. I do it all!)
Hot Glasses

Where can I find...

Château Haut-Mayne Sauternes? I had a glass of this dessert wine in Seattle last night, and I'd love to pick up a bottle locally. (I wish the OLCC let you search for wine, and not just spirits...)

I'm planning on calling Whole Foods, but figured if any DamnPortlanders happened to know where I could find it I might save myself some time and frustration.