March 27th, 2010

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if you're looking for reliable movers

We managed to find a couple of movers, with whom we were extremely happy. For those of you who are looking for reliable, trustworthy, hardworking men at a reasonable price, I would heartily recommend the Two Erics. Yes, both their names are Eric. We were very lucky to find these two very pleasant gentlemen at the last minute. There is a 4-hour minimum at $15/hr per person. It was worth every penny and more, considering how hard they worked for us and how much respect they had for our belongings.

They're also available for odd jobs around the house. I seriously could not thank these guys enough.

Eric & Eric: 503 960 0788

ALSO: We have a ton of huge boxes sitting by the dump near our apartment if you're looking for moving boxes. PM me for the address.

EDIT: I also have tons and tons of hangers to give away. Plastic, non-wire kinds. 

This is why I can't have nice things. Help!!!

So. My cat knocked over a glass of water onto my brand new Motorola Droid. I've had it for 33 days (well, 34 as of today, but 32 1/8th of a day where is was functioning).

I hadn't gotten insurance on it, but it was in the plan to because I knew that something like this would happen to it. I was probably stupid to think I picked it up fast enough out of the pool of water that nothing bad would've happened to it. I tried to let it get un-damp and resume using it. That was dumb. I'm pretty sure it short circuited or something, though I've had it sitting in a bag of rice to try and suck out the remaining moisture for the last 24 hours.

No luck. Still fubar. So what I'm asking there anywhere I can go for cell phone repairs? The Verizon tools were very unmoved and uninterested in my plight. They told me the phone I just spend $300 on month ago can be replaced for ...wait for it, FULL PRICE with a rebate. If my phone is a lost cause, is there anything I can say to the Verizon tools either at a store or over the phone to get them to give me a better deal on this. Or should I just cancel my contract and tell them to fuck off?

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Where would you go to rid yourself of a bunch of old costume jewelry? You know the 50s/60s style necklaces and gaudy earrings that appeal pretty much exclusively to the 92 year old grandma's (from which I received the stockpile) and the 20-something hipster girl.
Magpie? Buffalo Exchange? Just give it to a good will?