March 26th, 2010

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  • _fool

WTB: big block of ice

i'm looking for something sized between the 10 and 300 pound varieties that koldkist up in extreme nopo has to offer, in block form, to be picked up tomorrow (saturday)

does anyone know where to get something in the 40-100 pound size range? shape less important, but it does have to be in one chunk. or if you have suggestions on joining a bunch of 10# chunks together without a massively sized freezer, that'd be of interest as well.

it'll aid in awesome drunkenness exploits (liquor luge!) on saturday, in case that motivates you. winner will be invited to join us =)

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Recommendations for places in the pearl (near 23rd/Raleigh) where a couple could get fastish food at prices that won't break the bank...with gluten-free and dairy-free options (snark away).  Not like full-blown dinner but hearty snacks.

Anyone else going to see Heroes at the Public Playhouse tonight?  Or has already seen it?