March 25th, 2010

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Shoes- just curious

Does anyone know if the Payless at SW 5th & Alder ever fixed their crappy wheelchair that only ever worked half the time & required a key from the manager to use? I haven't been back there, since my experience with it last year.
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Fellow Portlanders, where's the best place to get a cupcake in NW Portland? Cupcake Jones? St. Cupcake, or other?

We're in the mood for sweets and are heading out that way in a bit.


CRM Software

I'm sure many of you work in an office environment and use some sort of CRM software. I work for a small business and am trying to convince them to update their system (which hasn't been officially supported since 2002). There are a ton of options available and I'm wondering if any of you have personal recommendations? It's a small business, only about 10 employees, and all we really need it for is notes, call scheduling and project tracking. Oh and it needs to be able to interface with Word. Any suggestions are always appreciated.

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Hello there. I have to be at the airport (PDX) at around 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning. I have two big suitcases so I want to take either a cab or shuttle service, whichever is cheapest. And that's basically my question: What's the absolute cheapest taxi or shuttle you've taken to the airport? Oh and I live in the inner-SE, let's say 15th and Hawthorne, shall we? Thanks!

TV Repair

Hey guys,
Can anyone recommend a place that fixes TVs? I have a CRT HDTV that's about 4-5 years old, and one of the component video input connections (to a 360) is getting bad. Sometimes it doesn't get anything, sometimes it's all fuzzy and the colors are wrong. As far as I can tell it's only one of the three that's bad, and I'm guessing it's the TV and not the cable because twisting it around can make it work/not work. But the cable is the same age- I got the TV when I got my Xbox- so it can very easily be at the end of its life, but I don't have another cable so I can't be sure. Nor do I have any other component devices.

Advice? Ideas? Snark? Please don't say get a new TV. Thanks Damngeeks!

farmer love?

with full-time work that i love, that is FINALLY located in the city i am in love with, it's time for me to get serious about commitment.

i need some real, good, really good food.

in the vast land of dp, is anyone a local farmer or able to recommend one who would be willing to sell me raw milk and pasture-raised chickens and eggs? certification isn't necessary, but organic and sustainable principles are, and i'd appreciate a tour of the farm. enormous bonus for grass fed beef.

also, are you a csa member or have you been in the past? any personal experiences you have to share would be helpful.

east side preferred.

thank you for assisting me in my journey to find eternal tummy happiness.

OH OH OH and non-hydrogenated lard?!?!?! will also accept: unrendered leaf lard or fatback. mmmmm fat.
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Fun Little Pets

Our son is turning 5 in a few days and one of the things we decided for his birthday this year is that we'll take him to a pet shop and get him his first pet. We have many animals and he's already learned some basic pet care but this will be the first pet he can consider his own. Does anyone know a good pet shop with fun stuff like frogs and spiders and snakes?
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