March 24th, 2010

Crochet DL

Does anyone know if I can DL videos from youtube onto my thumb drive/hard drive?

I am taking the train back to Portland tomorrow(from LAX) and would like to store some crochet how to videos on my computer.

Related to this does anyone know where I can get some good videos. I already use "the art of crochet by Theresa" I am willing to pay to download video tutorials if they are as good as hers. I am specifically looking for a baby blanket afghan pattern that is ultra girly for my little sisters baby. If you have one I can't download but is good send it my way I can probably learn the stitch tonight if I need to and then just use memory to work it on the train.

I brought books with me and even though I can read SS DHC SS stuff like that I can't interpret it into what I should actually do =( Not yet anyways.

Also I want to download a TV show or movie or something. I just got this NetBook so I don't want to put any crazy program on it. Again I am willing to pay for the downloads I just don't want to upload any programs.

Is there a way to take a DVD and stick it onto my thumb drive somehow?

wedding day mani's

So my little sister is getting married in May. She wants to treat the bridal party girls to manis. We had been told to go to Pink and White, but they are pretty pricey.

So I come to you. There will be 8 of us. And we'll be getting mani's, some will be getting pedi's. Any of you lovely folks know of places around here that we should check out? 



(no subject)

Looking for something to do that isn't late night tonight (because I know where I'll be late night... Crown Room on nw 4th and davis to dance to some deep bass and hopefully super fun drums)?

The Human Canvas Project #1 was a live show turned into a movie/dvd/bluray, and is being played for one night only at Cinema 21 in about an hour and a half. We took 17 women, got them nude/semi nude, painted them white, gave general movement directions and leeway to play... then projected video from multiple different sources onto them, the canvas. All while Sad Music for Happy Humans made live electronic/analog music for the movements and visuals to go to.

Our video guy Vortex took that into the editing room for a LONG (oy, so long) time and made a pretty sweet audio/visual presentation out of it. If you want a storyline there isn't one (although this year's live show will have one), if you want a neat looking spectacle with a fun soundtrack we have GOT that. ;)

Feel free to join our after movie crew as we head out for dinner and dancing later.

So yeah... didn't think a wednesday would have much going on? Let us show you how fun they can be!

To recap: TONIGHT! Wednesday March 24th. 7pm. Cinema 21. 8$ 21+ follow us for fun after.
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Well, the data on my external hard drive was damaged, so it looks as if I'm going to reformat. However, before I do so, I want get a program that can take all of my songs (and TV shows!) off my ipod so I can at least save that data and reload it on to the hard drive. Apple of course no likey, but I know that it can be done using certain programs. Does anyone have one that they can recommend from experience? Again, I have TV shows (every Southpark episode!) that I would also like to pull off.

Google has billions of shareware suggestions but I know some cool geeks have made a free one which DPers have used.