March 23rd, 2010

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clipper blades

I'm a dog groomer here in Portland and need some new clipper blades. The kind I use are for pets and aren't sold at human beauty supply stores. They are the A5 type and I'd pretty much take any manufacturer (Andis, Wahl, Oster, Laube). Petco/Petsmart have a very limited, extremely overpriced selection, so I was hoping maybe someone in town knew of a supply or feed store perhaps that carried this kind of thing. Googling isn't helping much.


I want to have my shower retiled, and I don't want to do it myself.
I need someone who is professional and high quality, speedy, and affordable in that order. Does anybody know the perfect person for me?
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retail position

To anyone who is interested (and experienced!), 3 Monkeys is now accepting resumes, interviews to be held after spring break. There will be two positions opening starting at part-time, to go to full time during the summer.

Please drop off your resume in person - ask for the manager - applicants MUST have minimum two years clothing and/or antiques retail experience.

Located at: 811 NW 23rd Avenue, phone calls please.
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Yo, Damn ChickenFarmers

We were saving egg cartons, thinking that the ever-rural cheekyassmonkey would need them. Apparently, though, she's full up. So, we've got 5 18-pack and 5 dozen-sized egg cartons if anyone needs them.

Not worth a trip across town for, probably, but if you're in NE and need somewhere to put your eggs (or something to start your seedlings!), drop me an email at drjeff at gmail and we'll hook you up.

I mean, geez, I've gotten some speakers and some vampire books here lately. Time to GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY. haha

biking in the city with kids

So we've been in Portland for a little over a month now (okay, Hillsboro, but looking to maybe move into the city at some point), and I am so pining to be out on a bike instead of stuck in the car all the time watching other people out on their bikes. I have two little ones, a very rambunctious 2 year old boy, and a reasonable 4 year old girl. I've been looking into all the various possibilities people have come up with for urban cycling with kids attached, and there are a lot of interesting configurations, but I'm looking now for some firsthand experience.

Anyone here use a bike as their primary mode of transportation, with their small children?

Some things I'm concerned about are: safety for my kids--I suppose you have to just accept on a bike that if you get hit by a car, your kids go splat, since they're not really protected by much. We're looking at a Madsen bucket bike, which seems exceptionally cool except that it's just a seatbelt keeping the kids in, and my kid can get out of his car seat, so...not sure about that.

Well, I have a lot of concerns, but mostly since I have never done the city biking thing, and I'm nervous to try it out with so much to lose (kids).

So. After all that rambling, anyone have any advice, experience, resources? Thanks in advance!

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I thought someone here might have an idea as to why something is happening...Portland related because it's here in Portland. ; )

The place I work has been open a month, and we quickly acquired nine really good reviews on Yelp. A week later, two of them had disappeared. Then a week after that, two more were gone. Now as of today, another one has disappeared leaving us with four reviews total. Any ideas?
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perfume trade/giveaway?

Inspired by the earlier post today, I have a number of barely-used fragrances that just don't work with my body chemistry, and I hate to just throw away nice-smelling things in pretty bottles, or let them languish in my overfull makeup drawer. Anyone interested in a perfume swap or want to take these off my hands?

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If you've got nothing better to do later this evening, come join in the fun at The Alibi for the March meetup! Karaoke starts at 9pm! No minors allowed this month, sadly (sorry!), you can join the fun next month.

So, feel free to show up after 7pm, I know I'm gonna be a bit late, I spent half the day waiting to sell books at Powells and the other half waiting in line at Ben and Jerry's for my free scoop!

The Alibi
4024 N Interstate Ave Portland, OR 97227

EDIT: We're all the way in the back where they do the karaoke! Come join the two of us!!!
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The past few days I've been hearing commercials on 94.7fm advertising "Dianetics", a book by L. Ron Hubbard.

Dianetics = Scientology from what I understand, and if that's true, then I'm definitely not a fan. I'm guessing complaining to the radio station is probably pointless due to some freedom to advertise any religion as long as they don't discriminate against certain religions, is that right?
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